Something to think about



What is it? Easy how does the City of Racine deal with being 200 Million in debit?  How does the City begin to deal with not having close to the funds needed to cover the costs of operating?

What do we do? Will we cut Fire and Police? Will  we cut parks I understand that the City Parks department will be mostly done away with and Public Works will take over.

In fact, I talked to call him Mr. Baseball on Friday who informed me that because of the poor upkeep of the Ball Fields (that the teams pay for) many teams are going to relocate to a private Ball Field near Parkside, for less costs AND guaranteed Games and refunds for games missed due to unmade up rain dates, unlike the City of Racine Mr Baseball said that each team pays about $700 per year some may pay more. Mr Baseball thought we could see 10 or more teams go to where they feel more wanted. Can you blame them?

Back to what might be the end of the Parks Department, well that be a savings, but does anyone thing that any management would   go or just Rank and file? Do you think the Blondie marketing girl will go or stay?  Stay I think after all she may be needed by the Parks department management for close consulting .

What else will we see go? #5 Fire Station? Of course its gone I think.maybe even more then that after all there is never any firers in Racine are there?

Same with Police how far under the 199 will the Mayor go? After all we have no crime do we?

Racine police to northsiders: Be alert; area has seen spike in burglaries

No crime not in Racine not at all.

Of course Mayor Dickert’s ideas on RootWorks/Porter’s will still get all the $$ they need. After all The City will issue Bonds and there is no issues with that   is there?

City’s bond rating downgraded

So as the City takes down street lights ask yourself how do we pay for the fun at




Launch Box

Car 25 Here you go I understand they get 30K more next year then this year!

So as we fight to pay our tax bills and to keep our jobs or business going




Mayor John Dickert might be starting to compete with Racine Businesses (and maybe allow a buddy on the gravy train) How does that make you feel?

A parting idea who might be the next City Attorney? Will you be shocked if the person has connections to the Mayor?