Mayor Dickert our Mayor


Yes the Mayor of Racine has just got to be so happy!

In the past few weeks the fair city of Racine WI, that some call the most corrupt small city in Wisconsin has been on the News I think three times over the issue of Mayor John Dicker wanting (and some would say creating a way) to sell a Burial mound  in Mound Cemetery to a local family that (I think is getting quite the deal).

The AP story was used a much NBC Network did something on this too. Oh Happy Oh Joy

Even though Our as he claims “Native American” Mayor controls I think the Journal Times  has other pals controlling CAR 25 and I have yet to hear anything coming close to criticizing His Holiness from WRJN (then since I am alive I usually tune in Pandora) yet and yet the Story is still out there from WTMJ #58 Facebook posts and events twitter this story is going all over.

How do you think this makes Racine look in the eyes of others?

When I was in Baraboo this lat week folks from that area and the Dells knew,  about this, better so did pals in Madison, even being Democrats   they thought that our mayor was well less then smart thinking he could get away with this.

Yet he does I see no signs of Mayor Dickert backing down, I have no idea why he is all in what could be in it for him?

Might it be


$$ for his reelection or run for Governor?

Some other deed that the Family the Mayor wants to sell the Mound to can do for him?

Is the Mayor thinking to meet his city budget issues by digging up Gold Teeth and needs help?

Stealing Body parts and selling them to the PRC?

All of the above make no sense yet he is all in on an issue that will bring more media to Racine and NOT show the city in a good light.

Now I am hearing from Mr. X that a “retired” City leader has been asked to give his public blessing to this sale, in hopes this all goes away.

I hope the Mayor knows that unlike the Black Bar owners the Natives have a lawyer ready to step in and bring the city to a court perhaps a FEDERAL Court.

If that happens will Dickert call Obama after all he is only a phone call away