What if we lose the Court fight?


What happens if we lose the court fight with the unions? Good question so I will speculate:


Well one we will have to come up with two million to pay the Unions for wages. AS well we will have paid how much in legal fees? 100K 200K More?  Way more?

How will we pay this? My guess is the City will lay off more staff. if the ave worker gets say  50K in wages and bennies the City would have to get rid of 40 more workers. If not more what Departments do they come out of? DPW the Police and Fire? Do we close civic centers? What? More to the point why is the City not planing for this? I would hope that the City would be planing for the worse case and informing the public what that plan might be.

Why are we planing to extend a Bike trail 2 blks for a City Co Pay of  $200,000?

Why? anyone? Hello? Should any money be sent on anything other then critical needs until we know what is going on with this union issue?

Unions Hit Back! Tuum hostes claude amicis propius

A number of City Unions struck back today by filing a lawsuit on the City of Racine

read the story here: http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/unions-file-lawsuit-against-city/article_e46f5492-d1d8-11e1-bdc4-001a4bcf887a.html?comment_form=true#comments.

There is more coming. As I see it A unique group of forces are uniting for what I see as pay back to Mayor John Dickert.

IMHO a lot of folks who feel Mayor John Dickert done them wrong are coming together to see what can be done to so disrupt his administration (legally of course)  that he will resign or be so ineffective that he will not run again.

This group of folks come I think from not only Racine but I think Madison, Milwaukee, and include folks he thought he could trust.  Tuum hostes claude amicis propius

I expect to see:

This and other lawsuits both on the Union issue and more on the NSP.

Huge pressure put on the new members on the City Council to have them resign.  I expect Sanders Park to be brought up at Public Comments.  I expect Agenda 21 to come up  maybe even Copenhagen.

Groups that pander to the Good Old Boys to be infiltrated by Anti Mayor John Dickert folks and Pro Dickert agendas disrupted or brought to light.

Politics in Racine will become a  Blood sport