Hey Guess What Kids!


I will be renewing some of my Root River related Domain names and adding some for Rootworks.

One or more will be used for the Film It Came From The Root River, others for an idea I have, of looking at Racine as a place to  do research on Fresh Water.

This is something I am in shock over that Our God Mayor John Dickert has not done.

All it would take is a bit of space in a City Building , a few desks/chairs  and a few older Computers and lab equipment.  Toss in High Speed Internet connections and a parking place.

Rent for a small fee space to cover costs or ever a  plan for free space in return for a share of what might be licensed from this co-working space. How could the city lose?

Hell I reach out to Gateway’s program in Urban Ag and do a real bang out job.

Of course, Mayor John Dickert never do this, It makes to much sense and no huge press opportunists   or easy grant money

So if The Mayor will not do this, I wonder who might try something like this idea? Now what to call it?

Just the idea could be sold. Time to make some money! Daddy needs a Red!