Just say no!



Now that the election is over, there will be a renewed call for Governor Walker

to let a Casino open near the city of Kenosha since the out of State Tribe needs State permission to do so and many elected officials are screaming for it   (Gee think Campaign donations made have been made? perhaps gifts given?? not like that has ever happened   but wait

Former Kenosha County official sentenced to 2 years in prison


We get told the stories mny Jobs will be created folks will flock to the area the streets will be paved with Gold the good old pipe dreams get the public to buy into the idea to get a Casino up and running that the world will be saved!

Of course they have not worked out so well in other places


Another Atlantic City casino company files for bankruptcy


Supply companies with ties to bankrupt casinos face losses


But lets not talk about that

Nor let us talk about how some of the construction jobs may pay well as the buildings are going up but the vast number of jobs will be service type jobs many even paying minimum wage other games too will go down the TIF game the BID game and Good Old Boys will find ways to get money.

Our Mayor John Dickert likes the idea so I am thinking Marble will be needed right? Where will that come from?

IMHO we have Casinos galore do we need more? Do we need an out of State Tribe building one?

I think not.


3 Responses to Just say no!

  1. Kate Remington says:

    as you know I also think there is something not kosher regarding deals here with Ogichidaa. The new WRJN and its Real Racine new identity is more receptive to Native America as is the States Historical Society which has been described as bipolar by Sandy Weidner gets into it in Discover Wisconsin which has regular plugs and promotions and things on WRJN. Then there is the gift of land and assistance and David Maack and the HoChung relationship with Ogichidaa. What to me is of interest is the 100 dollar bribes….that is interesting. Sounds familiar. Is that reporter who covered the Kenosha corruption still a reporter with the js?

    • The Reporter still works at the JS. The man behind much of the bribes got NOTHING other then kicked to the curb. A lot of $$ in Casinos be interesting to watch this play out more

  2. Bucky says:

    Not so sure it’s a done deal. Interesting election results from Menominee County where they voted Burke (76.3%) over Walker (21.8%) on Tuesday. Maybe he’ll kick the decision down the road for now.

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