Election 14!

Well you know the results overall a very good night for folks living in Wisconsin with Walker winning the Governor Office again (3 times in 4 years) the A.G. Race went our way too.

The other races well the GOP did very well. Van won big and will I guess be Mayor John Dickert’s Bitch after all looters got to loot, life goes on.

RUSD gets to fuck the Sheep living in RUSD land will be interesting what the extra $$ really gets used for. Be sure if you can to get your kids out so they can maybe learn something, I myself am amazed that with a failed product anyone could have said yes or belive what RUSD said was true guess we will all come to find out more.

The Big loser last night was my pal Mayor John Dickert, no more help coming from Madison and with the GOP wining both Houses in DC we should see a big cut in the graft I mean grant oppertunies coming to Racine.

As well with Walker reelected and the GOP in charge   in D.C. more chances to have the Feds come to town to look at Rootworks/Machinery Row/Uptown project.

We should see:

Obamacare repealed

A real investigation into  Benghazi/Fast and Furious with charges filed perhaps an Impeachment. 

A stop to the Executive Orders


3 Responses to Election 14!

  1. Kate Remington says:

    so your predictions were accurate. Me, I don’t think I voted for anyone or anything that came out on top. I am having a hard time seeing how this helps what is outside my door or in my heart or on my mind about the streets and people here in the city of Racine. You help and I hope that once again you are right. I sent you Ms. Weidner’s ongoing efforts re budget questioning because I thought it was brave and that the timing of the release was unfortunate. But maybe I just don’t understand timing when it comes to challenging the system.

    I still think Randy Bryce did extremely well expressing a point of view which is more oriented toward opportunity for all. But clearly, less interference by government is what the voters wanted yesterday and the voters don’t seem to recognize corruption even when it is clearly modus operandi and benefits primarily the white and rich and prospective buyers of property, especially if they are from out of state.. I hope Jeff Warg keeps hammering away about the current City’s budget and the gift of more money for the machinery row chicanery.

    I couldn’t take Helding/Maack and Don Rosen last night on WRJN and I didn’t get up until your new post made a sound because of ennui. Helding and Maack chosen for their insights! Wow, what next next? Maybe Brian O’Connell? When I turned on the radio early this a.m. the radio was talking about the dog man again…..as the police were back at his home last night and he has been I guess taken to the colossal jail for what I didn’t catch because I thought I was going to hear something about the referendum being defeated.

    thanks for getting me upright.

  2. tony says:

    Driving thru Racine is like driving thru someone’s colon.

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