Flash News!!! Flash News!!! Flash News!!

received the go ahead to print the map


Questions to ask

1) Is just now only Mayor Dickert’s dream, as even more have told me that Machinery Row is dead that to make anything happen the City/County would have to do the development, do you think the City of Racine has the $$$ to do so?

2)   Is the story in the Racine Journal Times

No suburban library for now

http://journaltimes.com/news/local/no-suburban-library-for-now/article_cb48a0a1-19f9-5ec9-9d5d-9b16646acb8d.html on the City library a plant to start the drum roll, to force this great resource, away from Downtown to keep away minorities from the very White downtown?

3) Might Mayor John Dickert  understand the City Hall is awash with good folk willing to risk his wrath in sending out information to the grassroots press, in order to insure that the public has the information that the Mayor not want the public to know ?

4) Does Mayor John Dickert understad that even in his Police State he can not stop the press.

Note to the Mayor EVER story I run here the link goes in front of 13,000+ eyes if only 1% look at the story that be 1300. not bad.

5 Responses to Flash News!!! Flash News!!! Flash News!!

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Dickert is the Master of controlling the conversation and information in Racine.

    You got scammed by the Master and are now talking his book!

    900 Water St. for sale – $5,350,000




    You’re talking his book and doing his work! John Dickert thanks U.

  2. Kate Remington says:

    this is getting me dizzy! The library story on JT makes me shudder. Tricky’s Civic Center saga does also. I saw the grave face of Sandy Weidner on Belle TV – and Ed Diehl’s puzzlement. Had a chat with Clifford G today and I know that he and Linnea both bellieve that they are not being ignored re their input into the Uptown plan that is going to be revealed at the rondelle on the 28th. How can this city which is so broke and is now keeping police so busy with these horrible poverty crimes with knives and dog fights and endless narc stories also be still driven to building yet another upscale gentrification plan? Crazy! Every day there is yet another fantasy revealed as a news story. Hang in there intrepid reporter!

    • We will see I can tell you that I think the Mayor’s pals from Rootworks WILL be putting together the Uptown plan, our job is to shut up if we are a Minority to more the hell out so the White Rich can have a nice time and all else can pay for it.

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