A sad tale


Was talking with others at my watering hole about my just waiting to quit writing this blog for a range of issues mostly that folks in Racine I think could find out that our Mayor was a Lizard from Mars

imageslm Our Mayor’s true image?

Or that Betty Page Lookalikes were working out of the Basement of City Hall


imagesml Working at City Hall?


and all anyone would say is what time America has talent is on?

What else does Racine care about?

IMHO not in  this City Hell far easier to run the fuck away, as fast and as far as you can.

So as I was venting on all of this an older Black man told me not to stop not only did he enjoy my poor grammar/misspelled posts he also said the story “of the fucked up City has got to be told”

Well he had me there who else will?

So why not me?








One Response to A sad tale

  1. Kate Remington says:

    Our mayor IS behind a mask which is showing. This mask is uncomfortable and perplexed. I watched the cc mtg on belle tv… there looked to be about 3 interested citizens in the pews but it was hard to tell because of the close up approach and the don’t give away the real scene stay tight on the speaker – no reactions – no real feel for the actual scene and the interaction of those present. By direction I presume. Voting in large part takes place without numbers, without info in a blind.

    Yesterday afternoon after lunch I tried to deliver a parking violation which the PO slipped through my door but it was for 607 1/2 Sixth Street which I believe to be for one of the rather peculiar new tenants in what was Cera’s Tequila Bar’s second floor. I was dressed in my work clothes ready for mixing and as I am walking on Sixth Street who should be coming right at me all by himself but the Mayor. He braced, I braced and I was glad he was looking straight at me and not at his snappy dresser posters in my window. When we were just about nose to nose he spoke and said “Hello Kate and how goes it” (something close to that) and I could see his strained and distant eyed face up close and he appeared all suit and no substance and furthermore fearful….like the close ups now on Belle TV. He has made very poor choices with his bully boy tactics while in office and it makes me sad yet convinced Racine needs a clean sweep away from this real estate grasping for dollars and then split up for the benefit of a small select group of friends.

    Racine IS a FUCKED UP CITY. And your neighbor SEES TOO. You are doing really good. So are others now too around us who have there eyes open. John Dickert is right in that the public is not welcoming his cuts and the public is beginning to rally.

    Stay brave. Dare to Hope for Change.

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