The one thing I have learned from doing this blog is without a lawyer much of the justice system  is closed off to you.

One might be able to file complains as I have to no real effect, go to meetings raise hell even fill City Hall and not get anything done.

May not be right may not be fair just the way that things are in the world we live in.

I would say this is just how the Good Old Boys want life to be from Racine WI, to Washington D.C. not much we can do about that.

You know what be easy to hire a Lawyer to do court filings needed to obtain more records sue to say stop RootWorks Sue to compel action one may want.

Until the anti Dickert folks get a Lawyer or 5 they will in the long run be able to do nothing.

Interesting to watch them try anyway.

2 Responses to Laywers

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Anti-Dickert Folks? No such thing.

    Just ordinary people trying to protect their property, rights and liberty from an out of control Authoritarian wanna-be tinpot dictator named John DIckert, who abuses state enforced confiscatory property and income taxes to transfer the fruits of one labor in private life, business and industry to government racketeers John Dickert and his cronies!

    There is no justice for the poor in Racine County or The State of Wisconsin. Laws are to be used and abused and applied or changed at will. It’s coming to an end soon – because they have driven too many legitimate businesses out of Wisconsin, taken away any incentive for people to be productive in the private sector, and the prison Industries of Wisconsin won’t pay for themselves. Why do you think Scott Walker exempted Police and Fire from Act 10? Because once their pay and bennies stop freely flowing and increasing yearly – they will stop being loyal LAW ENFORCEMENT and quit endlessly and needlessly harassing the People.

    • Call yourself what you will, until groups like Racine Equity Project get a Lawyer to work on issues, to force the City-County to obey the law etc nothing will change.

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