Whirlpool of Questions!



1) Why is it O.K. for one City of Racine Alderman to call another a Bitch? Why did not his fellow Aldermen call him out for that?  Why is it O.K. for Alderman Kaplan to act the Bully?

Has in fact Kaplan been possessed by this dead Hollywood Star?


2) Why are so many Democrats saying that the Bank part of Machinery Row dead? If so does this have anything to do with:

The RICO Suit

The 501 (c) 3 being pulled from our fearless RootWorks fan owner of The Root River Council Supervisor Osterman who is a major player in the RICO action? Oh! BTW the 501 (c) 3 status has been pulled from this company. I also wonder what if anything will be done with any taxes that might be owed from the action by the IRS?

with the above information being sent to the Head of the DNR to the the County Executive someone might just might be asking more questions

3) I know that the City is paying for the elected officials but at what I think legal costs of say $300 an hour who/how are the others paying for what must be horrific bills and there are more to come

4) Is the J-T floating the idea of ending CAR 25 is this anything more then the idea of ending ANY opportunity of the public getting info not approved by Mayor John Dickert


5) Should Machinery Row be dead and I will go with what I am told that it is very dead did Mayor Dickert kill it as he has killed so many projects? What actions if any with Public officials who made excuses about issues others had with the Mound St grant because “This is the only chance Racine has before …” do something after the fact?

Questions questions Do you think the Newspaper will look into any of this that I and others have or wait until they have an O.K. to print what this man tells them to?


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