Is Keith Fair Running for Mayor?

This Afternoon, I was taken to lunch by what a group I can only call the Committee to elect Keith Fair Mayor of Racine.

This group of 4 men gathered to talk to me of the idea they have on Mr. Fair running for and winning a Race for the office of Mayor of Racine.

No bones about this subject, they felt that Fair could run and win, that the race be hard fought but winnable  on the issues such as:

CAR 25 Scandal

City Hall Bathroom Scandal

The Law suits this group blames Mayor John Dickert for getting the city into

The plans of Gentrification for Uptown

The Rise in Crime

How many jobs the Mayor has other then being Mayor

The High Unemployment rate

When I brought up the fact that the Alderman of the 15 was running they giggled on more like a scared Rabbit running from a hungry Dog

Hardgrove was called a Puppet of RUSD

That Mr. Fair could beat Dickert be a fight but this could be done since this would also start a fight in the 1st CD Dem ranks

I will keep you posted on further meetings I am invited too.

Well, I will say this should Mr. Fair run events will get interesting


2 Responses to Is Keith Fair Running for Mayor?

  1. Bucky says:

    More competition should encourage debate, certainly would bring some topics out for discussion the current administration would prefer to hide.

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