My view

The J-T Headline This AM

“Schools seek $8.5 million – Unified to ask voters for 15 years of additional revenue”




How dare RUSD ask for 1 more $$ yet alone 8.5 Million in a time that MORE in Racine are Unemployed, The City of Racine it’s self is not filling openings on the Police Force to basically lay off 10 police officers  and the City of Racine facing a RICO lawsuit court fights over tax assessments, and not being able to keep what few events at the Civic Center coming back.

Economic turmoil going on as we speak with a long time Racine employer moving out of the city taking 300 jobs with it.

Yet RUSD is asking for more money to “run” the schools WTF!!!

Schools that cant get Minority kids to graduate, scores of the RUSD Schools should be getting “Leadership” at RUSD fired for such poor piss poor ability to teach kids have no shame in demanding more of YOUR money.

As I see it, RUSD as one of the commentators said today 8/14/14  should ask County Executive Jim Ladwig for some of the profits from Reefpoint Marina, perhaps from the restaurant that is paying NO RENT (must be nice) Maybe ask the DRC for a percentage of the millions spent on the booming downtown (Boy will they not be shocked with the higher property taxes coming via TIF 18 and Machinery Row)   I am sure the store owners will line up to chip in the stores on 6th St will insist on being first to do so!

And Porters being so so successful with Roll out the big bucks as will Delta Hawk for all the Jobs they have brought to Racine!


As I see it, the City of Racine is as I call this blog a City in Ruins run now by a Mayor that history will say was one of the most corrupt in the Midwest ever.

Yet RUSD wants more of your money, After all cost lots of money to pay Administration 100K+ to fail to teach kids so we have have a vast pool of unemployable workers to work at min wage jobs or become addicted to State benefits to keep the Democrats in power.

Could be worse our other elected officials could be just having one great party Oh…



Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Wanggaard wins we lose thoughts

Wanggaard as you know won the primary and goes on to the election in November as it looks now,  Wanggaard  will win however its a long time from this day to that, who knows for sure what will happen not me.

As I look at this race, to me I am worried for I have talked to Van a few times I have asked him to help the effort to look into Mayor John Dickert and the games in the City of Racine and from   Wanggaard I received what I thought was the idea if he could help he would help in some way.

Well for a man with a law enforcement background he to my understanding has done nothing to aid any effort of looking into what I and others see as corruption in the City of Racine.

I find it hard to believe that  Wanggaard is unaware of the issues on Rootworks that even City of Racine Alderman are asking questions yet to my understanding Wanggaard has not expressed concern over this “Development” plan even with all the tax $$ that might be spent on say Machinery Row. I would hope that a member of the GOP one who voted to take what I call rights from Public Union members away to save Tax $$ would be interested it what is going on over again the millions of Tax $$ that could be spent but again nothing. Why?

Might this be it

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Should Wanggaard who will he work for?

The City of Racine?  Mayor John Dickert? Downtown Racine? The Boaters who we have spent Millions on?

Should not Wanggaard look into RootWorks or simply let the rape of Racine county go on unchallenged? Should Union Grove or Waterford suffer for the City of Racine?


I live outside of this area but if I could I would not vote for Wanggaard I expected better from him perhaps I should have known better


Does the Shade of Rose Mary Woods Live in Racine City Hall?

Sandy Wiedner Calls Mayor John Dickert out on lies.

Hear the Phone call that started a chain of events that is far from over


I understand that Alderman Wiedner HAS asked for a copy of the Tape the Mayor said he has, AS I see the Mayor’s  Claim it defames the Alderman. I think she has ever right to a copy of this tape should it exist.

Good Question does it exist? Wiedner tells us she never did what is claimed by the Mayor, easy to prove  there is a tape or is not a tape.

From what I understand the City Attorney’s office has said they can not force the Mayor to produce this tape, unsure why.

Will Wiedner take this matter to court? Will the other Alderman back her up or other then one or two be good Sheep

I myself hope she takes the Mayor to court over this and it becomes another reason to vote him out of office, when will he answer for his misdeeds?




R.U.S.D. Referendum MY .02

I am going to vote NO! I like to be able to vote Hell no or FUCKING NO WAY, but I cant.

Why? Let me see the way RUSD cant teach Minorities how to  Read or Write, the massive misspending. The wholesale inability to keep Gangs out of the Schools or for that matter even try.


Was I clear on that point?

How could RUSD even ask us to vote yes? This City has no money that from our Mayor himself, yet RUSD wants to spend spend spend as more of us have no job no hope no nothing yet the Powers that be want more more more, WTF? I am voting no you should too!

A Ride with Mr N Dream or Nightmare


On my way home from Neighborhood Night Out for West 6th St (or was it moved further West to reduce the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics attending) I thought a short walk for me and behold a very nice SUV pulls up and a well dressed man asks me to get it that lets say a Mr N wants to talk to me with a look that tells me that it be a real good idea to get in the car so away I go!!

Went to the Lake Front where Mr.N was waiting and after a bit of chit chat Mr. D offered me the facts of life in blunt terms you may not like what he told me I sure do not I will say that it makes sense so here it goes:

Racine as a City has no money

Racine as a City in millions in debit

The City of Racine can NOT tap into the reserve fund

The Needs of the City of Racine is I think Mr. D said “A Mill Stone around the County’s neck”

The Court cases over Tax assessments may cost the City Millions

The City of Racine is projected to be #1-2 in unemployment for YEARS to come

There is very little real development going on in Racine

Value of the City is still declining

A good chance that our Bond rating will continue to slide

The last few ideas that the City tried Delta Hawk and Team Porter’s well simply put failed (and how much did the city lose on them?)

Reef point is a Money Loser for the County and may not be breaking even after all Rent is NOT being collected on the Restaurant.

Some of the above I know is true other parts I am willing to believe for fun let’s say Mr D is right I was he went on

RootWorks/Machinery Row is seen AS THE ONLY CHANCE IN HELL  The City has, not that  RootWorks/Machinery Row may even happen but as it was explained to me (and I am unsure of how much of this would work) events would allow the City of Racine  to sell Bonds both for the Project and Water Bonds  ad use Intergovernmental funds (Water $$ from the cities around Racine)  by the City of Racine where Shell Games could be used to  keep the City afloat. Should any activity take  place this can be hyped as great even if nothing really is going on  faith in the City must be kept so more of the few owners of homes to not run away.

I asked him about members of the Public even Aldermen asking questions on the Grant for Mound Ave, questions being asked about oversight of RootWorks.

Mr. N answer The County nor the State cared since this I think he said “Scam”   was the last chance that Racine has to even slow the process of becoming the new Detroit causing even more of a drain on The County or State and with Walker running for reelection and perhaps the White House Racine was not going to be an issue.

Waking up from this nightmare I stared my day until saw the same SUV pull down the Street so was this all a dream?

What do You think?



Is the IRS coming to Racne?

I have received a copy of an Email that leads me to believe  that the IRS MAYBE coming to Racine WI to look into RootWorks/Root River Council to investigate possible silliness going on with that group and documents that the RRC is required to have open to the public.

As well more and more members of the public have asked the State of Wisconsin to investigate the whole idea of RootWorks,perhaps this will motivate the State of Wisconsin to end any Grants to be given until the IRS and maybe the EPA is done looking into this group, I do not know.

Will the RICO somehow get hocked up with this?

Oh Racine


Yes, I am Dr. Fortune


I few of you may know that when I first came to Racine, I did a Gig in a few bars and at Party on the Pavement my big gigs where parties I go tell fortunes by reading  Rings  Tarot Cards do other sorts of Psychic tricks (For Entertainment only) mostly the parties where fund raisers for groups such as The American Heart Association. A hat be passed for tips I do O.K.

I slowed down after my Wife and I The same year where treated for Cancer fell away from doing then.  So it goes.

Lately as many of us have had to do look for other ways to make some cast here in the City of Racine under Mayor John Dickert, you know the City with the highest Unemployment in the State, yes that Racine

So thinking high time to start my Psychic readings again (Entertainment only) and perhaps some interesting theater as well to help get the ball rolling, perhaps something to drive evil out of City Hall?

Not using the old Name of Uthyr but another Dr. Fortune  Here is the link to the Web Page   Happy to Meet and tell your Fortune! Come here or meet at another location.

Best yet! I do interesting things via Herbs and Roots.  So of course I believe in Root Workings right.

In fact started talking with a Script Writer on an idea to do a Steam Punk take off on a Lovecraft story call the project “It Came From The Root River”

Oh the fun we will have!