400K and counting


From the JT This AM

Sears Holding Corp. could collect a $205,748 property tax refund from the City of Racine under a settlement agreement recently recommended for approval by the Finance and Personnel Committee.

Presented to the committee during a closed session, the agreement would settle two lawsuits Sears filed in 2013 and 2014 alleging the City Assessor overvalued and overtaxed its property located at 5600 Durand Ave.

Once one of Regency Mall’s anchors, the store and attached auto center closed in January of this year. Sears still owns the 89,000-square-foot building, however.

Under the agreement, which must still be approved by the City Council, the city has agreed to refund the corporation about 40 percent of the property taxes it paid in 2012 and about one-third of the taxes it paid in 2013…….

So add this to the 100K that Dickert’s Case with Bill  B cost, the 100K and counting with the RICO then the Union Fight that we lost..

How much as Mayor John Dickert Cost this city? 400K  More and how much more to come?

What are we to do Layoff more Fire/Police turn off more streetlights?


I guess we will see the city try a Wheel tax and a property tax Referendum (that will not pass)

Of course this will not effect Rootworks after all His pals must make money right?

So lets then Party!

He is



2 Responses to 400K and counting

  1. Kate Remington says:

    So I just reviewed the agenda for the 4:15 Plan Commission meeting today.  Are you and others going to be there?  When I look at the commission members I cringe.  Is there anyone that you believe has an open mind?  

    I agree it is time this privileged group acknowledge there is resident opposition.   I listen to your yesterday radio blog and it then went to the man running in the Black River area and then it went to another Wayne blog regarding Machinery Row.   If you want to use any part of my IRS letter, Wayne, as an example of issues you are hearing about you have my permission –  I have one copy with attachments…..    If you want me to stand up and read some of it, I will do that too.  Otherwise I will go to uptown and make something…  So let me know because you are the organizer and this is one big meeting which does look like another clamp down on liberties in Racine and the egalitarian revolt we are beginning to sense is expanding.

    As you and Tim have been blogging and trapping the damage is heavy in the Assessor’s Office

    Do any of us know this Vince Esqueda personally?   I have been introduced to him moons ago by Mike Kademian property owner who never moved in to his building on the 400 block of Sixth Street and who loves his restaurant/carryout.  Jim, Isn’t this Vince Esqueda the man who wanted to by your 522 market building recently and the owner of the Gran Morales restaurant/carry out and grocery store on the northside Memorial Drive?  He challenged the city and refused to accept the city’s position re assessment of that building.   Could he be approached?  Could he be a listener?

    these are strange days indeed.  

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