Is The Cut in RPD making Racine even less safe?



I have nothing but respect for the Racine Police Department.

A group of Men/Women who go above the call of duty everyday, often putting their life on the line for the public who knows little about what goes on with the job of being a cop a public getting most of the information from watching reruns of C.S.I.

A hard job that I could not do and so far one that the City feels a need for a strong well maned Police force until…… Until UNTIL our Mayor as I see it in a pathetic move to save tax $$$ has effectively laid off a number of them by not hiring to fill the ranks of the RPD that has loss members due to retirements etc but not started the long process to fill the ranks, as I understand RPD as hired a few that should be hitting the schools soon but again RPD is still down numbers.

The Chief has little to say about hiring, I am sure that he wants the very best Police Force he can get, however, The Mayor from what I have observed much rather spend city $$ on the Rich White Boaters or activities that line his pals pockets    then say, insuring that the inner city of Racine has the Police/Fire coverage they need, after all they are not: Rich, White or welcome in The great Downtown of Racine, was not that the point of driving out the Black owned bars or Bars where African Americans or Hispanics might feel welcome?

How else can Racine attract the wealthy? You know the folks who you see lined up outside the Mayor’s office demanding Condos on the Root River, You know the River that needs to be dredged in order to be used in that area.

So let me ask you, should the Mayor of Racine cut the RPD   to help fund projects like Rootworks or perhaps hold off on the fun and games until the RPD is up to speed, or will we not only keep track of Rootworks by not only the $$ spent but the dead bodies?

One Response to Is The Cut in RPD making Racine even less safe?

  1. Kate Remington says:

    This is direct and a sustained criticism.  I also believe I can make a tight and sustained criticism about the ‘overlay district’ and the industrial corridor and machinery row (which wasn’t machinery row!!) and the avoidance of a watershed which is owned by the public and not by the city and should not be developed into a pleasure palace.    

    The downtown is really really quiet and the public is troubled and leaving Racine.  There is no reason for a party down at this end at all.  It is getting unnerving with the sirens and all.  

    I have just about decided to go to the common council meeting this Tuesday and give another 3 minute try because it is the appropriate forum (despite the poker faces) and I think I can be level headed before the meeting begins and not raise my voice in anger but in a genuine concern for the loss of community and the pathetic leadership shown since Dickert has been mayor of this city.    

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