Does the Shade of Rose Mary Woods Live in Racine City Hall?

Sandy Wiedner Calls Mayor John Dickert out on lies.

Hear the Phone call that started a chain of events that is far from over


I understand that Alderman Wiedner HAS asked for a copy of the Tape the Mayor said he has, AS I see the Mayor’s  Claim it defames the Alderman. I think she has ever right to a copy of this tape should it exist.

Good Question does it exist? Wiedner tells us she never did what is claimed by the Mayor, easy to prove  there is a tape or is not a tape.

From what I understand the City Attorney’s office has said they can not force the Mayor to produce this tape, unsure why.

Will Wiedner take this matter to court? Will the other Alderman back her up or other then one or two be good Sheep

I myself hope she takes the Mayor to court over this and it becomes another reason to vote him out of office, when will he answer for his misdeeds?




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