Had a family become homeless today, Mom,Dad, 3 kids leave the apt gt into a car and say goodby. Knowing the Mom/Dad I knew that He lost his job a few months ago and she works retail.

He tried to find work but cold not, sighed up with the temp companies but could not get anything over $10 an hour.

Truly Sad if HALO had no room was my understanding that they just sleep in the car.

They are not drunks or druggies, went to work everyday, good folks event beyond their control happened and now well kicked to the curb.

This is happening more and more in Racine I hear stories everyday, in fact one of my pals is planing to move to Mexico because He hears  as a CNC operator he can get a job at one of the new plants opening up.

Wow more opportunity in Mexico for an American then in Racine.  In John Dickert’s Racine how nice must that be!

Then too does it look like he cares?


Are we are told that so many want to move to Racine for Condo’s on the Root River

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