Clingman’s Clink part 2!



My Mom was telling me (I ask my Dad but he died in 10) that at the Bar my folks owned they had a Pool Table a pin ball machine and A Juke Box boy did she love having that.

Each week she go out and buy the Top 5 Country Western/ Rock/Pop hits and put them in take out the songs not plaid much, the cost was 5 songs for $1.00 if you were a woman in the bar alone or with other women The Bartender give you tokens my folks found out fast that guys would feed $$ in the Juke box all night to make women happy.

On nights the Dancers where on deck Men were asked to play the songs danced too. Boy did they.

My Mom thought the coins where not counted but weighed to get the amount from the Juke box the pool table too!

Her memory not too good anymore but her and my Step dad are 80% sure that was the case.

I know  that my folks took pride in paying the taxes.  After all he fought in WW II to be able to have freedom to do so, here he was from a poor upbringing owning a good business in a small town the American dream, he did well.  Far better then Farming

So well that when years latter we moved to Madison my folks paid CASH for the house they bought. Not bad

Now lets say your bar is in a corrupt town where well taxes were if your connected, taxes were oh let’s say up to you. Better yet you paid to the city a fee to have a coin operated machine but that income not monitored so that income from your games/juke may not be taxed correctly. How much money might you be able to make/hide from the Feds? $100 a day 200? More

Thinking that its high time not only any fees needed   to have a Coin Operated Machine go up but a counter added to the machine so  income may be better reported to the State and the Feds.

One Response to Clingman’s Clink part 2!

  1. yes! such a glimpse into U2!

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