Effects of the RFPD reductions


Was asked what effects if any are being felt with the reduction of Police in Racine, I do not know shall we find out?

How will this be done?

Easy!! I got a call today asking about fights in locations in Racine so:

1) Get the Numbers of calls into Dispatch from the areas I have been told of

2) Get the reports or simply the number of reports created from the calls for service.

Mind you each call for service may not create a report  but it should be close. Question being are RPD not being dispatched as might be asked for? If so why lack of officers or OTHER reasons? What might those be

Is YOUR safety at risk due to Mayor Dickert’s effectively laying off RPD officers perhaps are fights being allowed in and around the right bars or something else going on?

Note far worse are RPD officers in danger due to understaffing? Should we not give them all the help they need, or is Rootworks more critical?

My thanks to Mr. X for offering to pay for the Police Reports

2 Responses to Effects of the RFPD reductions

  1. Kate Remington says:

    the cops are tired and like the officer last night on 32 he was doing two things at once and none of us in cars had anywhere to go but forward because we were blocked off.  I didn’t push him.  He chose me to holler after letting two vehicles through.  I watched the exchanges and the officer was impatient but waved them on before me.  By that time there were many behind me…..and so he talked about $84 dollar tickets and going off cliffs before letting me pass…. When I am tired, I am not at my best.  I am human.  So are cops.  They are like soldiers….they go through the door first.

    the breadth of police activity yesterday for such a small little city amounts to a police state..  Uptown where I was from 2 to 8 pm yesterday was hot.  It is almost always hot with emergency vehicles clanging and racing through and every non police vehicle trying to get out of the day without hitting a pedestrian, especially the little ones near the curbs without an adult.

    • Racine Are we safe or not? Do we need 200+ Police or not?
      Does the RPD exist only to protect the rich white drinkers of Downtown?
      Interesting Questions to be asked over the next few weeks

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