Open Records What I am looking into



In an effort to bring to the readership of this Blog the best information I can find I will post my Open Records and what I get back in return, feel free to suggest  areas of inquiry .

The City has 10 business days to respond.

I am requesting under Open Records the following  information  on Car 25/Belle City T.V.


1) The list of Video/Editing  Equipment owned by the Car 25/Belle City T.V and the location of the equipment.


2) A Copy (PDF is fine) of the invoice from  WVTV(#18) WCGV (#24) for work on the 4th of July Parade held in Racine WI 7/4/2014. and the cost of broadcasting the same


3) Under who’s orders was the last City of Racine Cable Commission Meeting held on 7/21/14 Recorded by City Staff and why?


4) A copy of the recording.


Please advise on the cost of copies ect


I look forward to this information.


Wayne Clingman

With this Email we had a few emails asking for more information very good now the City knows what I mean by #4

2 Responses to Open Records What I am looking into

  1. Frampton says:

    Good luck and thanks for looking out for transparency and honesty in government. Thanks for doing this for the residents.

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