So much pain in Racine so so much pain.

At Church Today a full 30% was unable to give 30% unable to even give a token amount.

On my way walking home I saw house after house for sale a few empty buildings lots of men sitting around drinking, a quick few questions got me the answers that many of them have no jobs and some for years.

Walked around Doge St talked to a few standing by Ships when asked told me they had no plans to do any boating “Who has %^$^! Money?” Good question who does?

City of Racine is still #1 in unemployment (Go us!) most of the folks I know who have jobs do not work in Racine  Kids in the West 6th st area few have jobs some sadly stand on the corners helping folks find radio stations why else who they lean into cars for?

Thinking in the last week I talked to a couple looking into how to walk away from a home they bought last year, they cant afford the taxes as they are projected to increase and their child is one of only 5 English speakers did not like the Bedbugs or the Lice the kid brought home. Truly sad truly painful

What will Racine look like in 5 years?


But do not worry! Just trust



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