No Debit unless I benefit is that the saying for GOP in Racine?



As we know, both the Nation and City face horrific debit issues. I believe the USA is 15 Trillion in debit and the City of Racine 200 Million and more debit coming for both.

We hear all the time about how debit is bad for this Nation/City. Both sides of the isle agree that Debit as we had more issues from massive debit are harder to deal with.

For example the City of Racine was downgraded may be  downgraded again causing the public to pay more for the City’s spending spree.

Many leaders in the GOP have called for smaller Goverment and cuts in spending Paul Ryan and Sen Johnson from Wisconsin being just two of the many in D.C. doing so.

Our Local Leaders like our County Executive has said   “We do not have the means nor the will to raise taxes”

Our Local Tea Party folks have been very much talking in the past about lowering taxes

But then when it comes to Downtown Racine its Kate bar the door

Now Ladwig wants to spend $$ on Machinery Row


With an est 65 Million cost and no idea  about of developer cash how much will come from the County? 10% 25% 50%? More?



The county is already spending money in the Reef Point Marina and giving away free rent to attract and keep business at Reef Point.

How much more will the county spend on Belle Harbor to ready that for more “Development”

Of course I would expect the local tea party to be raising hell about this nothing I have seen.

Why where is the outrage on this perhaps huge spending increase that only benefits a very few in Racine mostly in the say few blocks of Downtown Racine?

I would hope that the  Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine who’s stated mission is We, the Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine was created Jan 2010. Our Watchdog mission is to hold local Racine City, County, and RUSD elected officials accountable. Primarily: Balance the Budget. No new Taxes, Fines or Fees. No new regulations.

as found on  have said nothing Nothing?

Wait the City of Racine under John Dickert I am sure via a T.I.F will spend a bunch of cash and what else? Loan Guarantees? Outright Loans?

God only knows what the County will do how much our County Executive will kick in.

For this project that helps few in Racine and no one as I see it West of  I-94

So why is our local GOP/Tea Party so quiet?

Well this might be the Answer in part


Kinda of hard to bitch when the GOP is marching lock step with the Tax loving Democrats one parties with pals, as seen above.

How long will we be looted to help an area of Racine that IMHO simply be left to blow away in the wind, for after years and millions spent on this area we still see empty store fronts little foot traffic and other then when its party city USA, the few  Cars you see driving to find the fastest ways out of town.


One Response to No Debit unless I benefit is that the saying for GOP in Racine?

  1. legal stranger says:

    There is little or no difference between the Damnocrap and Repulsican parties………Both are responsible for the continued third worlding of America……….Remember……the ability to tax is the ability to destroy………….Get rid of all of them!

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