Sadly Sad

Do not post here much as you know but thought this observation should be

This last week I have talked to three City Employees from two departments who said the same thing that they no longer trust there supervisors to tell them the truth. Huh?

Gets better I have talked to elected officials who tell me that they (Elected officials) have been knowing lied to. Huh?

Now its one thing to be wrong in what you say if you think at the time that is the right information. Anyone can and do make mistakes. We all have done so. We all fall short of the Glory of God. No issue with that.

I know when I do I make it right and say sorry for the misinformation ever Newspapers like the New York Times has done that, again it happens.

In what I am saying here its not that but far far worse that for City Workers to come to think that they can not (as some have told me) they can not trust Supervisors to tell the truth or Elected officials   trust City Staff of the City of Racine to tell the truth when they have questions can only as I see it come from one man that allows this to go on if not encourage the behavior



Mayor John Dickert of Racine.

I would hope that if Our Mayor thought that Staff was not telling the truth they would be punished if not fired. I would hope that officials would have told him by now that they have been lied to and by who over what. Perhaps not.

I also would hope that if City workers were being mislead that this fact be brought to the chain of command and dealt with by our Mayor, or I would hope so.

Are we living in a city that misleading the Public, our elected officials, and other City Employes is now the norm  and should be expected?

Should Developers that come to town expect to be lied to? That will help bring them here right?

So Then were we lied to about:


Delta Hawk

Are we being lied to about Rootworks?

And our leaders wonder why we do not trust them do you?

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One Response to Sadly Sad

  1. rawrdog says:

    I am curious to see who these city employees really are… most likely part of a certain group of incompetent idiots who whine all day about their bosses, can’t do ANYTHING without the help of others, and only got hired as a favor to someone else. Ya I think I know who these people are, and they are worthless at best.

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