We use to care


Since I been working on my efforts to promote Legalizing Hemp have not spent a lot of time here posting.

My Starting the Hemp Podcast etc has had me out talking to lots of folks and walking the streets of Racine in talking with others or just letting what I have been learning sink in.

I do know this, at one time our leaders cared about the City and we held them to account. Now not so much in my talking to others from retired City Workers current city works. Homeowners just moving here or long term renters 95% say the same thing:

Racine in a corrupt City ran not by leaders as so much as a retired Black City Worker called looters.

Sadly others I know outside of Racine call and ask what new scandal is going on now. Is our Mayor in Jail yet?  What pal of his received what city contract?

Worse far far worse is that out of the Mayor’s own mouth we hear we have no money (he is not fibbing) we can see the Roads going to hell read/hear about more crime (then stories on not if but how many Police/Fire will be let go) What the Hell are we going to do?

Not much  guess let the good leaders and we have some know we are thankful for there efforts be prepaid to run if we must to walk away from our Homes if we can not effort them you tell me.

It’s going to get very very bad.

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