Racine Down on our luck and hopeless

Begging mayor

Went for a walk this morning around the West 6TH St area of Racine WI and saw the same things

Run down houses, Drunks starting their day drinking or stumbling home ending last nights drunk Garbage here/there everywhere some in yards that use to pick the garbage up once the paper got on their property a few ever picked up trash out in the street, however I did not notice that today, so I talked to a few homeowners I know, this is what I was told mostly why bother? makes no difference in what they (the Homeowner does) just be more trash this afternoon.

Others told me why bother I can make my home look nice in the Block but why bother the other houses make the whole block look like shit (so true) but herd a new one If I make my home look nice it becomes a target wow I know from reading the J-T Armed Robberies are going up (until Dicker gets the police calls changed) Are more homes getting broken into? That is what my neighbors around West 6th St are telling me  if so (and I have not read that in the J-T) be indeed time to be more careful.

More interesting and scarey was seeing a group of 7 Young men ages 17-25 walk down West 6th st  checking Cars for change and one house to see if it was empty it was and my guess will be used for a Party this weekend this happens but on West 6th St?

Mind you I am seeing this more and more not only on West 6th St area but all over the idea that nothing matters anymore as we see property values fall taxes go up, the idea that its easier to move out of Racine then to change the city or the new one If you want a Job you need to move

Then of course we have the Racine in Bloom idea that if we only plant a few flowers all will be ok! or the Downtown crowd that say just spend another few Million on us and the Chicago Boaters will line the streets with Gold…..

IMHO only men without Hope take up Armed Robbery where an unlucky day could see you in jail for life or worse and for what $10 but when your kids got no food…..

4 Responses to Racine Down on our luck and hopeless

  1. Kate Remington says:

    these are strange days indeed it doesn’t remain hopeless when you get out in the air – like yesterday afternoon in that radiant sun.  Yet still intruding into the open air were constant sirens screaming reminders of troubles that bleed and the ladders were outclanging and blasting and moving seemingly in all directions around the near east side. Dawn is here now so its Sunday.

    Your Robert Turner is the same Robert Turner I know.   I like Bob Turner for the same reasons you do and admire him.   Bob Turner looked me up and  bothered to give me good advice and to offer help after I had written a letter to the editor at JT.  

    I read all of the linked columns and was struck by the 2 summer 2012 pieces because each predicts the future, future being NOW.  So even the blogs are NOW.  Mr. Racine and even Lizzy?? must be Paul?  right?    Is Tim E. re commenter in the Mt. Pleasant latest offering by Paul…..is that Tim E. Jim Spodick’s friend Tim?  Very interesting.

    You make me laugh about all of the sadness showing, all of of out and out tanking out and empty city which may simply drop below 50,000 and then not even be a city. 

    Lincoln Steffens and Fritz Lang influenced each other’s thinking and its human nature at war and it riots in places like here because of poverty and imperial racial wars waged by a eugenic factory somewhere in the Dayton Cinncinati area and connect to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and we best all head for Zimbabwe at dawn. 

    You might find it interesting that Linnea is also wondering about the Racine in Bloomers!  They are supposed to be helping her and where are they?  Where is the earth?  where is the help!  I saw what looked like the Defatte R.E. truck in the parking lot of the Annex yesterday with flats of plants and a Neighborhood Watch banner looking lonely because who has $ for plants?  I get seeds.  I did buy a plant from Carl Fuller last year off of 21st street – an old fashioned petunia but I got it from him personally and I would again if I see him though when I did at City Hall he said he was not going to have many (season hasn’t been helpful.  

    you are absolutely right.  the Racine fall out has started.  You have a good day, Wayne.  Me 2.  

    • Racine in Bloom IMHO is nothing more then rich white Women killing time in their boring lives between Coffee at Wilson’s and Micromanaging the kids. The Pathetic husbands finding sad attempts for happiness in Booze or perhaps between the legs of younger thinner women.

  2. Mr. Racine says:

    Detroit not alone, expect more bankrupt cities: Expert

    Expect more U.S. cities to face bankruptcy like Detroit, former New York Lieutenant Gov. Richard Ravitch told CNBC’s “Street Signs” Thursday.

    “There are many more [cities] that are facing enormous fiscal squeezes… who are cutting education, cutting infrastructure investments and borrowing as long as the bond market permits,” he said.

    Ravitch, who is advising Detroit’s bankruptcy judge, wrote about his prediction in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last week.

    “We can expect to see more Detroits,” he wrote.

    Detroit became the nation’s largest city to file for bankruptcy protection last July after being crushed by $18 billion in debt.

    Ravitch said retirement obligations and health-care costs that are rising faster than inflation are putting enormous pressure on state budgets. That in turn puts pressure on city budgets. Additionally, there has been a reduction in federal aid to states and cities.

    Lying John Dickert has taken The City of Racine and surrounding Communities on this path! Racine is the next Bankrupt Detroit! Thanks Lying John and Complicit “Little Buddy” Jim Ladwig!


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