See the links is this an issue in getting a Fair Hearing?

One expect to be treated fairly when it comes to Goverment and how it works. Is this always the case?

What do you think on this?


ethics 2

Link Murphy is the Dep Chair on the Ethics Board and ID’d as a Host of this event. From what I read here  a major event to raise funds for the Mayor reelection

Mary Jerger AKA Osterman was the Treasurer of the Campaign and subject of my Ethics/CAR 25/Bell City TV question

Being that they Both worked on this major event raising who knows how much $$

I have someone looking into how much this event brought in

Why did not Mr. Murphy not recuse himself as others did like Doug Nicholson did?

As you may not know I brought this issue up before the hearing before this took place  to the City Attorney nothing to my knowledge  was brought up to the BOE.

So what if anything should I do? Is this an issue?




3 Responses to See the links is this an issue in getting a Fair Hearing?

  1. RLD says:

    You should read the things that were said about you and others in today’s Journal Times on a story about this hearing. It is slanderous, and looks to have been written by a city official. I won’t repeat it.

  2. legal stranger says:

    Look at the Chicago site “hey jackass”
    somebody should do that in Racine and Milwaukee

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