My pollicy on the JT

As you know the JT called me today for a statement on the Ethics hearing I said No Comment the Reporter then read what Ms Osterman’s lawyer said to try IMHO to get me to say something. I said No Comment and hung up the phone.

Why you might wonder easy:

As I see it the J-T is NOT even close to being a newspaper more a mouthpiece for the Mayor and his good old boys. Why give them anything to misquote hard to misquote No Comment.

Some may say they offered you a forum no they did not. If you think the J-T will not do what they may need to to make those of us look bad who stand up to fight the wrong doings of this administration, I have a nice bridge for you.

This blog is my Forum not the J-T

My policy is NOT to talk to the J-T Buy the paper nor shop at advertisers.


5 Responses to My pollicy on the JT

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Actually you missed an opportunity to make a meaningful statement! This is where a Press Agent or Spokesman comes in handy. You needed to provide a short, concise written statement and make it contingent that The JT publish the complete statement or nothing.

    You wasted and Opportunity.

    The JT still provides a valuable service by being there, and would be sorely missed if it ever leaves. No one should work for it’s demise. Just my opinion. I’m glad to have The JT there.

    • Sorry too many time they have fuck up the quotes. Nor can I compel the J-T to print a written Statement.

    • Black Mariah says:

      You don’t get it, giving a quote to the JT will not result in your statement being printed accurately, thus don’t bother giving a quote to the JT. Pay attention to the blogs, they have all the accurate and truthful information on this issue, do yourself a favor and look for the truth.

  2. legal stranger says:

    Just as you challenge the corruption in Racine, you should also challenge the Racine Journal Times to do a better job, and that may include giving a statement to the newspaper.
    News and comment censoring is a common practice at the RJT, One of the ways to change that censoring is to publicly expose it.

    • Orbs Corbs says:

      Yes, but there’s no guarantee that the Journal Times will accurately reproduce a statement given to them. In fact, there’s every reason to believe that they will fuck up the statement and/or use it to Dickert’s benefit.

      I’m undecided on this. I’ve been approached once by a Journal Times reporter to give my opinion. I walked right past her. She wasn’t the least bit fazed and just started asking someone else the same question.

      It seems to me that even in my youth, people would talk about how the Racine Journal Times couldn’t get a story or a quote straight. Maybe it’s like a legacy thing with them.

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