Ethics my .02


As you know I was the man who filed the Ethics complaint   on Mary Osterman, this was heard this last Monday the 5 of May 2014

I am thankful for the help I received from the City Attorney Mr. Weber.I am alsio thankful for the backing of the Racine Equity Project on my bringing questions I had on the actions of Mrs. Osterman to light so it could be looked at.

My guess is once I found out that all Witnesses  were not called that nothing would be found the old nothing to see here.

Then too was there any other outcome going to happen see below


ethics 2


The Link Murphy above is the chair of the Ethics Board

Mary Jerger is Mrs Osterman   We all know who the Mayor is

Can we expect any other outcome then The Good Old Boys looking out for one of their own? Would not the correct thing to do not be to have Mr. Murphy recuse himself as did others with conectionsto the Mayor like Mr. Nicholson?


I protested to the City Attorney that morning of the Ethics hearing that Mr. Murphy had not recused himself, I will be following up on my options for his (Murphy)not doing so.

The biggest mistake I made was not having a lawyer with me.

I do not know if I had one anything would have changed, but only by having one with me or helping would I know for sure.

Now I understand this

1) The Lawyers suing the City I understand will be getting a copy of the Court Reporter’s transcript to see if/how  the Ethics hearing may help them

2) An Ethics Charge may be filed (not by me) on the Ethics Board it’s self

Gee all for what?

Belle City TV has been cut way back due to Sky Falls Media/City parting ways

Due to the upcoming budget issues (like huge lack of funds) CAR 25 just simply may go away.

I understand that we should expect more to be brought into the RICO case and if so they would have been part of the CAR 25 silliness.

How much did CAR 25 end up costing the City of Racine?

What do you think of all of this?


5 Responses to Ethics my .02

  1. Not guilty by reason of insanity says:

    The ethic’s board is not ethical. Rob Weber who represented you and the city after the board found evidence to proceed with a hearing was either told to direct the out come of the hearing or is the worst attorney the city has, and should be replaced. The process was to subpoena witness that would have information (and bring evidence) about the alleged violations (receiving something of value, misconduct in office). Six persons were subpoenaed four of the six were paraded thru the board with no evidence other than they were in support of Mary Osterman. The board then said they had heard enough and ended the hearing, the two remaining persons unable to give their testimony were former operators of Car-25. One of the former mangers had startling evidence of wrong doings in emails, videos and official documents. No evidence was presented to the board by Weber. Link Murphy was seen meeting with Mayor Dickert before the meeting. One member of the ethic’s board term has expired, leaving the board without a quorum, of course no objection by Weber. Weber’s explanation given to one former operator of Car-25 of why he was unable to give his testimony, was the next day there was a Committee of the Whole meeting by the City of Racine relating to a new operator for Car-25, and giving negative testimony about Mary Osterman could hurt his chances of possibly getting his old job back. The board has 20 days to have written response as to the decision of the board. But a quick decision (two days) was delayed when a board member was unavailable for a need signature which had Weber contact the police to hunt down a Pastor at his church for his signature. Mary will be found not guilty of any wrong doing.

  2. Black Mariah says:

    It appears you were the complainant here, you would not need an attorney nor should you be responsible for having an attorney as a complainant. It sounds as though this entire team was directed what to do by the mayor and yes, this fits into the RICO corrupt organization case perfectly and is surely being looked at. It would also appear the city and city attorney Rob Weber may have been involved in intentional evidence suppression in this case. I believe Ald. Sandy Weidner was in attendance and disgusted by the process and demanding things be handled in a lawful manor on behalf of the residents of Racine.

  3. Ali Baba says:

    The Dickert Crime Syndicate runs Racine. Therefore, Ms. Osterman will be absolved of all wrongdoing. This was decided long before any hearings were held. A criminal runs our city and protects all of his criminal friends.

    RICO my butt.

    Dickert is not the least bit intimidated by the federal civil rights lawsuit because we’ll be paying to protect him. He has surrounded himself with his criminal cronies. Nothing is going to happen to Dickert, although Racine may take a hit for a few hundred thousand dollars. He may not even be mayor by the time the federal process gets to Racine.

    Finally, the feds are as corrupt as Dickert. We’re bringing in the Master Criminal Syndicate to look at Dickert’s dog and pony show.

    Party on, lying John!

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