Ever wonder

Ever wonder where are the Boaters?

After all we are told time and again that not only are they coming but in ever increasing numbers so where are they?

Right now its still a bit cold and as I understand events there is still ice on parts of the Lake so I do not expect them anytime soon, but will they come?

Today 4/11/14 I am seeing Gas at $3.70 and up that’s not cheep gas is it? Far from it.

Will we see “Boaters” put a few hundred $$ in the gas tank to run around in a very cold Lake Michigan much before Mid May?

Will they then? At the last Harbor Commission Meeting I was at    one of the members spoke of in years past most of the Boats in Storage were placed in the Water on 4/1/ of that year and this man had  NO IDEA most boat were going in or how many would this year.

Gee but I am told that Racine has so much to offer!!!

Do we? What do we have to offer that other cities along Lake Michigan does not?

Good tasting water? Lower costs to rent slips?

I know it must be the great looking women!




Will the Mayor share?





One Response to Ever wonder

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Ever Wonder?


    Racine Officials are too busy Drinking and Driving.

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