A visit with Mr. Green My .02


Quite the time last night with Mr. Green and you will want to buy some K.Y. lots of it.

After reading the last story on the Lawsuit on the Mayor and his pals with a bit of talking to others on what they thought was going on … I now believe (and you may not) :

The Lawyers for the defendants are charging around $800 an Hour   That be the lawyers and their staff+ expenses.

That with the number of parties the City will be defending that the Lawyers for the City are willing I guess 10 hours a week, that be $8000 every week every week. The Lawyers will be paid guess who gets to pay?

Gets better. Once the City of Racine taps into the insurance  others start having a say in what happens when, see the Insurance companies may start demanding a settlement before the case hits a court room and the possibility of three times the damages.

That could be a bit of money min of what 10 million 30 million maybe more…  oh and the plaintiffs Lawyers get paid too.

Interesting too at what point do the noncity of Racine officials get their own lawyers?  As well how do they get the money to pay them?

Maybe some of the defendants do not have the $$ to get a lawyer or perhaps fear that they will be found by the Court they acted outside their office? How do they come up with the money? What do they do? Call the other side and see if they can work out a deal?    Maybe former Mayor Becker feels he has no choose but to try and make a deal?  What might he know?

The best part, what happens if the Feds or the State is waiting to see if/when they charge say for Wire Fraud or Campaign Financing issues. Who loses maybe someone flips for that alone? You think Becker wants to go back to jail?

Does John Dickert sleep at night anymore?


As a freelance reporter (if only here)   what interesting information will this bring out? This for that alone to keep information out of the public eye I think Settlement will be sooner then latter.

Should the Mayor hire a criminal defense lawyer

So I get this email

Feds likely already on the Racine liquor licensing case

By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel

March 3, 2014

When reputable lawyers sue Racine city officials, tavern league members and a downtown business development group claiming they conspired to run minority bar owners out of business, there are going to be questions.

One of the first from many people who heard about the case’s claims was “Are prosecutors on this?”

Oddly for this sort of blockbuster suit, the lawyers weren’t saying much (perhaps letting a recently screened documentary film tell the plaintiffs’ version) But from a series of “can’t comments,” suggest some government authorities, like the federal Department of Justice, are indeed looking hard at liquor license regulation in Racine, and maybe some campaign finances too.

The lawsuit portrays a racially biased effort by white business owners and downtown Racine boosters to force out the minority tavern owners, or even white tavern owners if their bars attract mostly minority customers. Specifically, it accuses Mayor John Dickert of accepting bribes from those concerns and then using the city’s regulatory and police functions to accomplish that goal. It claims excessive contributions to Dickert’s mayoral campaigns went either unreported or were laundered through his private bank accounts and reported as personal loans to his campaign.

Pretty serious stuff, right? Stuff someone would flag to prosecutors or the FBI?

Racine DA Rich Chiapete said he’s gotten no referrals about anything related to the lawsuit’s claims. The only John Doe proceedings in Racine last year were sought by state prisoners. There is one open John Doe proceeding this year, but all records concering it are sealed.

The state Department of Justice said it’s not involved. Milwaukee U.S. Attorney James Santell’s office offered this: “The U.S. Attorney’s Office has no comment at this time regarding the recently filed law suit alleging discrimination in Racine.”

Maybe the Civil Rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. is reviewing what’s going on in Racine? “We are declining to comment,” said spokeswoman Dena Iverson.

Martin Kohler, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, said the lawyers investigated the case for eight months. He wouldn’t say if they brought their findings to prosecutors’ attention.

Vincent Bobot, a Milwaukee lawyer who represented two of the plaintiffs during their earlier battles with Racine over their liquor licenses, also had little to say when asked about any interest from outside law enforcement.

“I can’t answer that. I’m not at liberty to say,” Bobot said. “You can take from that what you will.”

Bobot did say that he has warned Racine officials repeatedly that the way they were handling liquor licenses was wrong and unlawful. “I told the coucil ‘you’ll get sued and it will cost the city tons of money Dont’ do it.'”

“The facts are only going to get worse for the city of Racine when it goes to depositions,” Bobot predicted. “It’s alarming.”….”

Wow now I have heard that “Others” have talked to the Feds from HUD to Treasury about Racine and the Games the “Others” say are going on.

Then too, I have been told that The FBI is looking into Racine and other strange stories, I am sure you have too, after all this is Racine.

What if the above story from the J-S is on the mark? What then?

Would we know if the Mayor of Racine was talking to the FBI or Department of Treasury or maybe if his Campaign manager or other past staff members were?

If we did know what might that mean? Please note that we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. How effective would John Dickert be as Mayor?

Then we have his pals, who might flip? After all a 6*10 Cell is small.

Does anyone know any more what might be going on?

Then we have Gary Becker, IMHO I think he has stories to tell and maybe just maybe a deal could be worked out, you never know, do you?

Who will we defend?

This Tuesday in a closed meeting our City Fathers will vote on the RICO case and matters abouth that, I think to include paying for the case and other actions.

As I see it we (the City) will pay to defend the Mayor and the named Aldermen both sitting and former, as the case moves forward this might become a question  if some how the Court would say that the Aldermen past and present where not protected by their office what might that mean?..

Better question is will we the tax payers pay for the defense of say the Osterman’s who only as far as I understand things only worked on the Mayor’s Campaign, Mary Osterman being the Mayor’s Campaign treasurer, why would we pay for their defense? Will we pay for the other parties named?

More interesting question is how much will the first few moths of this cost? My thoughts are in the range of 100K for the first few months. Far more over the next year far far more.

Sadly, I see that the Mayor’s crony pals will use the excuse that if only the Mayor+ not being sued we not have to spend the $$

I do now know about you but perhaps in a few years when this is all said and done, we folk of Racine much poorer say maybe we should not have fucked the Minority Bar owners



Read his lips

The Fall Out begins! More of my .02



The Fallout has begun on the as I call it the RICO lawsuit on The Mayor of Racine Mayor John Dickert , a few of his allies and some just caught in the crossfire.

As in all wars, the first casualty, is truth, all sides have their version of what went on and is going on, be up to the court to figure it all out.   

A few things I need to say to start off with:

1) I am not part of the law suit

2) I am not paying for the action to take place, hell If I had the $$ to do that I would have left Racine, Hell as I see it, if anyone I know is part of the lawsuit they would have left town far easier to do I believe, then stay here to fight an entrenched system of let’s call it Petty Corruption in for the fight of it’s life.

3) That this fight will not be over anytime soon

4) That sadly many will be caught up in this fight and the real losers in this will be the City of Racine, since we will have to pay many of the bills for the next what year as this works it’s way into the court system

What few may understand that Racine will not go back to the days of say before Dickert was mayor, CAR 25 will be one of the first losers, the old staff will not be getting jobs back, the old Producers (and I was one) will not be putting shows on the City of Racine CATV station anytime soon and I think a good chance that CAR 25 will simply go away Oh well.

I am seeing some reaction by others who see the City losing and with that lost Money for Pet Projects dry up. How can the City say pay for The Mayor’s   Defense  and that of his pals some also named and pay for say RootWorks? Pay for trips to Sister Cities? Trips to DC?  More $$ to Belle City TV? How?

Just today a source within the City/Downtown area told me that she understands that a P.R. firm has been hired to start spinning this in better ways and attacking the Bar Owners. Well to me its just a story but would not be shocked if it was going down. That.  effort we see very soon.

Interesting that last week 620 WTMJ cover this a bit I knew that it was going to be covered on last Thursday as did as I have come to know many others did, the time to tune in. I was not shocked to hear the Dickert side of things brought up a bit shocked that A caller from “Union Grove” would call in about the topic, why would they even care?  Perhaps it was a part of this P.R. Effort? What do you think?

We will hear a lot of folks talk about how this is just BS and just like Mr. Spodick’s case he filed will go nowhere fast. With that he Spodick is behind everything. That I find amazing, I put Spodick in the area if they had the $$ to bring this action He leave town instead.  I just do not see away He comes out ahead,his 6th st plan is dead It will not get done, RootWorks and the Uptown Plan will save Racine now or that is what City Hall tells us.

Be far more news coverage out of Milwaukee I feel, the RICO here is a big story and the Milwaukee Stations, I think will cover it and  follow up on tips giver or information discovered during the lead up .

Might be a good time to get your kids into law school!




How much will this cost Racine? My .02


How much will this lawsuit the one just filed by some former Bar Owners on a a long list of Local elected Goverment folks  and pals of Mayor John Dickert cost?

100,000 1,000,000 more? I do not mean if old the Bar Owners win, that I think be mega Millions  but just in the basic defense to the suit.

The defense Lawyers will get paid, the expenses of the Lawyer(s)  will be paid what might be the hourly rate 100 hr, 200 hr? I have no idea but with a case this big my guess is that it be two Lawyers a P.I. and other staff will be needed. Copies of records will have to be obtained.

Thinking that be over 200 Billable Hours just in the first few months for that group.

Will the Mayor of Racine use a PR firm to shore up fall out on his reputation? How much will that be? Who will pay for that? What will be cut from the City budget? Will Mayor John Dickert start a defense fund?

How does this impact city operations? Does this impact our Mayor’s other jobs? I think this case will.

IMHO we living in Racine for the first time ever will get access to City Records  that the Good Old Boys not like us to know about.

Info on projects from Roorworks to Team Porter’s and unlike before thinking real reporters will be very interested in this information.

Could even shine the light on Cockroaches


Be interesting how our Mayor  gets us to pay the bill, this time

Hey at least this time jobs are coming to Racine God knows how many lawyers will be needed.

That’s just for for the Mayor and Aldermen a whole issue maybe at what point if they are found at fault will the City stop pay for their defense?

However there are some who may not be able to have the City pay for their defense. How will they? Will they get a lawyer or will they make a deal or what?

Lets hope that all defendants have the money to get good Lawyers I think they they will need them.

So let’s put this out in the world will the strain of the Lawsuit and perhaps $$ issues caused end marriages? Force Businesses to close?  Maybe as records come into light cause other roles to be looked into. I just do not see this ending well for the Mayor or us the Folks of Racine who will get to pay for this.


Will there be a Boycott on the Journal Times?



What’s this about the Journal Times?

I did not go to the last showing of Pattern or Practice in Racine last Thursday, I did however hear about a lot of the discussions held after the film showed.

My source tells me that our local “Newspaper” The Jounal Times was brought up as being part of the Mayor John Dickert Propaganda network and that the J-T was covering The News as the Good Old Boys wanted it covered, used as my source calls it ” The way the Mayor wants” what stories are covered and how they are covered to fit the agenda of City Hall.

Now from the time I moved here from Madison I have been told that time and again, not surprised that the feelings came up again, I am some what surprised that the showing was not covered by the Journal Times as they had a Reporter in attendance, from what I understand to cover the showing.      Why no story? Did the Editor or someone else (wonder who that might be?) say nothing here to see move along?

As for the showing I was told it was crowed with many questions being asked afterword, at that time was the idea of a Boycott was brought up.

My source saying to me, that the Minority population feels that the J-T could not care less about them, so why should they (Minorities of Racine) buy the paper or shop at stores that carry the Journal-Times.

I have been told a letter is being written to Stores that carry the Paper and advertisers. Should this come about what effect will this have on the J-T Would this help the Communicator come back into being?

Very interesting times we live in, I see this call for Boycott as part of the Fallout of the lawsuit on John Dickert and others. There will be far more to come. Going to be very interesting