Does Jim Jones Run Racine? My thoughts


So I went to the Fiance meeting tonight for the discussion of what I will call lets give money to Mayor Dickert pals  grant

I thought that once this committee heard the questions that Ed D had for Matt from City Planing  and Matt’s answers  we see this grant that will benefit two members of the Root River Council financially at least slowed down to find out what is going on with this right?

Did not bother anyone but Ed D and he was upset but the tide flowed and it got passed over his objection, after Matt got done I asked him in the hallway if what happened with this grant or who is looking like will benefit bothered him in anyway and he answered “No”

Well this is Racine after all and well we are know by many as being a corrupt city on a Great Like.

We will see if the forthcoming ethics questions and the request to the D.A. to look into this will do any good, as well I know that many other Fed and State groups have been will be contacted maybe someone looks maybe they do not

The more shocking part is this we have folks that truly believe that  soon real soon the gold will flow due to the many who will come to Racine and build build build!

Should a bit of $$ get put in someones pocket lets just look the other way and just think good thoughts on the buildings that will get built!

Of course this idea overlooks the poor state of the economy, this city’s lack of jobs and poor schools, must be the great tasting Water that will bring them.

No one is coming to Racine for anything the only thing coming to Racine is this


Out tax base is only going to shit and worse as the City buys up property that once was paying taxes but soon will not be but do not worry, we will get to make that up. So many more of Mayor Dickert’s pals can get paid.

Do you think she got paid?






One Response to Does Jim Jones Run Racine? My thoughts

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    The City of Racine is under siege by a Criminal Syndicate that is in charge,and operating under the color of law. The question is, how high up does this culture of corruption run?

    Now it is up to the County. Will the County DA enforce the laws and statutes that regulate government? Or will a cover up be initiated?

    As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has “Bridgegate”, is there a “Racinegate” in the future of Governor Scott Walker?

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