Do not worry be happy!


Got a call yesterday and the caller and I talked of many thing, as I hope I was able to explain myself and give my thoughts on the questions he asked (I still think the call was recorded) the big take away I have is this, if I only tried harder to fit in if I only wrote more positively on Racine and our Mayor/City the doors that would open …

I have herd that before more then once and I am kinda shocked that that folks still believe that

Somehow if we only said good things the issues that bring this city into ruin somehow would go away.

To buy into this idea and I do not we would need to forget oh lets name a few issues

Team Porters the misinformation to the whole deal falling apart

Delta Hawk and the lack of jobs this company spoke of when they came here

The Poor job Racine Unified has done and IMHO still continues to do.

The falling property values of the City of Racine

Issues on the Downtown/Reef Point

The RICO suit

and that is just a few.

Is the idea if we do not talk about the above and give Mayor John Dickert an open check book things will be better or maybe if we let the Mayor go wild and his pals get bank we might get our turn! You tell me I have no clue

Maybe if only Hitler’s staff been more positive abut  the Eastern front the Red Army would not have taken Berlin!



So  as I see my taxes go up up up more jobs leave Racine more folks leave Racine, more empty houses falling apart. A Downtown looking to needing to get more city money our money to stay alive I just sit back put on a shirt and tie because   my ship is coming in! After all lets not worry and be happy!

I will say this I do like this photo Do you think his wife does?



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