New Media

Today in a world filled with Smart Phones and other mobile devices , you never know when someone could be filming you taping you in a public place, or taking a photo and as I believe Alderman Helding  has said the words that I understand are true “No expectation of privacy in a public place”  more when you a public elected office like the Mayor of Racine John Dickert.

Now I do not expect him to be working 27/7 on Racine’s issues after all he as two or three other jobs and even if the City of Racine has so many issues like:

High Unemployment.

The Failing of Team Porter’s you know the project Downtown that was going to do so much for that area.

Questions on Deltahawk like how many jobs have they created?

Our debit service and are we facing another cut in our credit rating?

How is the City planing to pay for Rootworks or the “uptown Project” when J-wax is cutting what 300-400 jobs?

I hope he is working with others on fixing them, then there is the whole RICO lawsuit brought by former bar owners in Racine  that could be costing an easy  8000 a week to defend. THat’s got to take up his time and cause stress.

All this got to be causing stress. Now I do  not mind anyone taking some time to have a beer or two see a feel good film to help with stress.

Here is our Mayor taking some time this weekend time frame 3-14-16-14 at a Bar in Downtown Racine reported to me as THE IVANHOE
in Downtown Racine


What part of this is fixing Racine’s issues? By the look of the photo IMHO he has helped with his stress issues, until he got home or someone saw this photo perhaps

There is another one from two or so years ago I like to see posted if it exists like I have been told does.

Note Gary Heart.

Note Photo from Racine Community Media

4 Responses to New Media

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    No Class.

    And obviously, he doesn’t have any either.

    Welcome to Racine.

    • Mr. Racine says:

      Our panelists debate whether TV programs like A Double Shot At Love and The Bad Girls Club depict unattainable levels of skankiness.

  2. Black Prince says:

    So our mayor is partying in the Ivanhoe, hanging with chicks, all while having a family at home and being sued for corruption, whats the big deal?

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