A visit with Mr. Green My .02


Quite the time last night with Mr. Green and you will want to buy some K.Y. lots of it.

After reading the last story on the Lawsuit on the Mayor and his pals with a bit of talking to others on what they thought was going on … I now believe (and you may not) :

The Lawyers for the defendants are charging around $800 an Hour   That be the lawyers and their staff+ expenses.

That with the number of parties the City will be defending that the Lawyers for the City are willing I guess 10 hours a week, that be $8000 every week every week. The Lawyers will be paid guess who gets to pay?

Gets better. Once the City of Racine taps into the insurance  others start having a say in what happens when, see the Insurance companies may start demanding a settlement before the case hits a court room and the possibility of three times the damages.

That could be a bit of money min of what 10 million 30 million maybe more…  oh and the plaintiffs Lawyers get paid too.

Interesting too at what point do the noncity of Racine officials get their own lawyers?  As well how do they get the money to pay them?

Maybe some of the defendants do not have the $$ to get a lawyer or perhaps fear that they will be found by the Court they acted outside their office? How do they come up with the money? What do they do? Call the other side and see if they can work out a deal?    Maybe former Mayor Becker feels he has no choose but to try and make a deal?  What might he know?

The best part, what happens if the Feds or the State is waiting to see if/when they charge say for Wire Fraud or Campaign Financing issues. Who loses maybe someone flips for that alone? You think Becker wants to go back to jail?

Does John Dickert sleep at night anymore?


As a freelance reporter (if only here)   what interesting information will this bring out? This for that alone to keep information out of the public eye I think Settlement will be sooner then latter.

7 Responses to A visit with Mr. Green My .02

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    “Does John Dickert sleep at night anymore?”

    Sure. What did the last lawsuit cost him? Answer: -ZERO-

    Last I checked Dickert is collecting a check of well over $1,000 courtesy of the taxpayers of Racine and a nice little tax-free benefit package. Does he also get a State pension from his stint as Mayor? I don’t know – but it’s possible. You’re paying for that also.

    Racine Taxpayers pay for his car, gas and maintenance – while others in Racine are so broke they can’t even afford the BUS. NICE.

    When Dickert can’t sleep at night is AFTER criminal charges are filed that he can’t weasel out of. That hasn’t happened yet. If the lawsuit gets settled out of court – odds are that guilt won’t be admitted, and a gag order to all involved.

    He plays while you pay.

    Enjoy the Cognitive Dissonance. Racine residents are suckers. The marks.

    • Mr. Racine says:

      That’s over $1,000 a week.

      You better ask your Boss for a raise, because that will go higher in 2015. Think of the property value he has stolen from you. Will you ever be compensated for that? NO.

  2. Mr. Racine says:

    You got your answer this morning, Defendants: (so far, will the list of defendants expand?)

    Not Represented by the City:

    1. Downtown Racine Corporation
    2. Racine City Tavern League
    3. Doug Nicholson
    4. Monte Osterman
    5. Mary Jerger Osterman

    Represented by the City:

    1. John DIckert
    2. Gary Becker
    3. Kurt Whalen
    4. Jeff Coe
    5. James Kaplan
    6. Raymond DeHahn
    7. Greg Helding
    8. David Maack
    9. Aron Wisneski
    10. Robert Mozol
    11. Devin P. Sutherland
    12. Mark Levine
    13. Joseph LeGath
    14. Gary Bach

  3. Bucky says:

    I think your estimate on the time needed by the attorneys is low. Given the number of people involved, depositions needed, etc. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was a full time deal for several people from now until the deals start getting cut.

    • You could easily be right. How long do you give before the first Downtown Racine Business closes because of this? My guess is June we will see places close, by July our first indictments

  4. Lizzy Borden says:

    When does the Racine Common Council grow a pair and look to Wis. Stat 17.12 for guidance?

    The procedure for removing city officers is set forth in Wis. Stat. sec. 17.12 and varies depending on whether the office is elective or appointive, and whether the officer’s appointment was subject to council confirmation. These factors determine whether the officer can be removed at pleasure, or can only be removed for cause. “Cause” is defined as “inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct or malfeasance in office.”

    The common council can remove elective city officers for cause and may remove appointive officers for cause, regardless of who appointed them. Appointive officers appointed by the common council may be removed by the council at pleasure. Officers appointed by any other officer or body without council confirmation or concurrence, may be removed at pleasure by the appointing officer or body.

    Removals by the common council require an affirmative vote of three-fourths of all the members thereof. Removals by any other body consisting of three or more members, require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members thereof. Any officer lawfully removed from office is ineligible to appointment or election to fill the vacancy caused by the person’s removal.

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