Who will we defend?

This Tuesday in a closed meeting our City Fathers will vote on the RICO case and matters abouth that, I think to include paying for the case and other actions.

As I see it we (the City) will pay to defend the Mayor and the named Aldermen both sitting and former, as the case moves forward this might become a question  if some how the Court would say that the Aldermen past and present where not protected by their office what might that mean?..

Better question is will we the tax payers pay for the defense of say the Osterman’s who only as far as I understand things only worked on the Mayor’s Campaign, Mary Osterman being the Mayor’s Campaign treasurer, why would we pay for their defense? Will we pay for the other parties named?

More interesting question is how much will the first few moths of this cost? My thoughts are in the range of 100K for the first few months. Far more over the next year far far more.

Sadly, I see that the Mayor’s crony pals will use the excuse that if only the Mayor+ not being sued we not have to spend the $$

I do now know about you but perhaps in a few years when this is all said and done, we folk of Racine much poorer say maybe we should not have fucked the Minority Bar owners



Read his lips

3 Responses to Who will we defend?

  1. Black Prince says:

    A Federal Lawsuit of this magnitude is HUGE. If the city chooses to pay legal fees for over 25 people, it will run into the millions of dollars within 2 months. Will the city cover former and current aldermen? What about former Mayor Gary Becker? The ones named individually like Helding, Dickert, DeHahn, Kaplan, those guys are REALLY in trouble. This will be interesting to say the least, the city has no money and now taxpayers will be asked to cover over 20 defendants?? What happens when the city loses this. I’m hearing this is a huge case that is stretching further each day, by the time this is over we could have 50 or more city officials indicted for fraud, bribery, money laundering and racketeering.

    • I do see others added to this law suit. Be interesting if/when the feds start charging parts of this group for say Racketeering or Campaign Financing issues. Who will pay for that?
      The days of fun to come!

  2. Mr. Racine says:

    The City of Racine has plenty of money. There is over $20,000,000 in a slush fund available for discretionary spending. They also have tens of millions of $$$ in investments they could cash out, or sell assets to raise some cash! Then what about placing all City employees on Obamacare? Right now the City burns through over $21,000,000 just keeping it’s gold plated boat anchors healthy! WHY? That’s outrageous. Perhaps some OPEB will need to be cut – sorry retirees, but the money ain’t there. FIRE! All the gold plated boat anchors warming a seat at Racine City Hall and then offer to hire them back as consultants at $50,000/year with a 401k and Obamacare. Problem solved. There is PLENTY of money, so stop this “We’re Broke” Bullshit sob story. Grow up! Mayor DIckert has a spending problem, that’s all.

    From the 2012 Audited Report:

    “As of the close of the current fiscal year, the City of Racine’s governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of $65,786,281, an increase of $1,176,047, in comparison with the prior year. Approximately 30.6% of this amount, $20,186,063, is available for spending at the government’s discretion (unassigned fund balance).”

    ” At the end of the current fiscal year, unassigned fund balance for the general fund was $21,467,880 or 26.5% of total general fund expenditures.”

    “Net position may serve over time as a useful indicator of a government’s financial position. December 31, 2012 and 201 1 City’s assets exceeded liabilities by $222,137,766 and $240,138,405 respectively. ”

    Then there is the simple fact that many of these actions stepped outside the bounds of taxpayer funded legal protection because these people acted outside of their authority!

    I realize that the people of Racine are victims of government skools, RUSD in particular, but after the suit is settled, a class action lawsuit could be filed by the people of Racine against Defendants who were found liable – and try to recover their costs.

    Of course, everybody who lives in, or has a business in Racine has been WARNED for years that economic disaster was coming, in one form or another. Bankruptcy would help to restore Racine, and not be a bad thing. But the time to buy will be after the bankruptcy, when one can buy entire blocks for a few dollars.

    People should have listened and gotten out! Of course, you could emulate many of Racine’s Downtown businesses, and just refuse to pay your property taxes! Who cares? Your property is only a tax liability anyways, it has NO value on the open market.

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