The Fall Out begins! More of my .02



The Fallout has begun on the as I call it the RICO lawsuit on The Mayor of Racine Mayor John Dickert , a few of his allies and some just caught in the crossfire.

As in all wars, the first casualty, is truth, all sides have their version of what went on and is going on, be up to the court to figure it all out.   

A few things I need to say to start off with:

1) I am not part of the law suit

2) I am not paying for the action to take place, hell If I had the $$ to do that I would have left Racine, Hell as I see it, if anyone I know is part of the lawsuit they would have left town far easier to do I believe, then stay here to fight an entrenched system of let’s call it Petty Corruption in for the fight of it’s life.

3) That this fight will not be over anytime soon

4) That sadly many will be caught up in this fight and the real losers in this will be the City of Racine, since we will have to pay many of the bills for the next what year as this works it’s way into the court system

What few may understand that Racine will not go back to the days of say before Dickert was mayor, CAR 25 will be one of the first losers, the old staff will not be getting jobs back, the old Producers (and I was one) will not be putting shows on the City of Racine CATV station anytime soon and I think a good chance that CAR 25 will simply go away Oh well.

I am seeing some reaction by others who see the City losing and with that lost Money for Pet Projects dry up. How can the City say pay for The Mayor’s   Defense  and that of his pals some also named and pay for say RootWorks? Pay for trips to Sister Cities? Trips to DC?  More $$ to Belle City TV? How?

Just today a source within the City/Downtown area told me that she understands that a P.R. firm has been hired to start spinning this in better ways and attacking the Bar Owners. Well to me its just a story but would not be shocked if it was going down. That.  effort we see very soon.

Interesting that last week 620 WTMJ cover this a bit I knew that it was going to be covered on last Thursday as did as I have come to know many others did, the time to tune in. I was not shocked to hear the Dickert side of things brought up a bit shocked that A caller from “Union Grove” would call in about the topic, why would they even care?  Perhaps it was a part of this P.R. Effort? What do you think?

We will hear a lot of folks talk about how this is just BS and just like Mr. Spodick’s case he filed will go nowhere fast. With that he Spodick is behind everything. That I find amazing, I put Spodick in the area if they had the $$ to bring this action He leave town instead.  I just do not see away He comes out ahead,his 6th st plan is dead It will not get done, RootWorks and the Uptown Plan will save Racine now or that is what City Hall tells us.

Be far more news coverage out of Milwaukee I feel, the RICO here is a big story and the Milwaukee Stations, I think will cover it and  follow up on tips giver or information discovered during the lead up .

Might be a good time to get your kids into law school!




9 Responses to The Fall Out begins! More of my .02

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Tens of millions of $$$$ have disappeared into Downtown Racine over the past decades – really accelerating under Mayor Dickert. All gussied up – and no return. The City doesn’t have anything to show EXCEPT for a huge debt service, and a population that is fleeing because of chronic unemployment. It’s not getting any better. Every past day will have been better than the next day.

    From the suit:

    154. The Tavern League and its members pledged and provided significant financial
    contributions to Dickert and other Racine officials with the express intent to buy official acts.
    Subsequent payments were made under the guise of donations and campaign contributions and
    additional payments likely continue to be made to this day.

    155. The money contributed by members of the Tavern League was in excess of
    campaign contribution limits as set forth by WI Stat. 11 and other laws.

    156. The money contributed by members of the Tavern League in excess of limits set
    forth by WI Stat. 11 and other laws was in fact bribe money intended to purchase the political
    favor of the mayoral office through Dickert in violation of WI Stat. 946, 18 U.S.C. § 1951 and
    other laws. Dickert accepted the bribe monies from the Tavern League and thus allowed it to
    have substantial control of the Racine mayoral office, Dickert’s official actions and, uponinformation and belief, certain Defendants who acted at the behest of Dickert with knowledge of or in agreement with the goals and the effects of their actions.

    157. The monies contributed by members of the Tavern League to Dickert’s mayoral
    campaigns and to other Racine officials was routinely collected and, upon information and
    belief, laundered by certain Defendants outside the Tavern League and within Dickert’s inner
    circle for the express purpose of knowingly continuing and concealing the nature, use, source
    and effect of these bribes in order to avoid public scrutiny and circumvent campaign finance

    158. With full knowledge of the illegal nature of these payments and in exchange for
    their continued financial contributions, Dickert and those acting on his behalf awarded a number
    of his Tavern League supporters with city-funded business and appointed others to influential
    and powerful positions within the city government, thereby expanding the political influence of
    the Tavern League and providing it with significant control over the BID #1 board, the Downtown Racine Corporation board, and Racine commerce as a whole.

    159. Dickert and other Racine officials knowingly continued to act in furtherance of
    the conspiracy and its goals and effects when they accepted and as they continue to accept these bribes in exchange for official acts, including but not limited to protection for Tavern League members from the Police Department, the Licensing Committee, and the Downtown Racine Corporation, as well as the first opportunity to obtain newly available liquor licenses extorted from minority bar owners.

    160. This pattern and practice of circumventing the provisions of WI Stat. 11, WI Stat.
    946, 18 U.S.C. § 1951, 18 U.S.C. § 1956 and other laws continued throughout Dickert’s mayoral
    campaigns as a continuing enterprise designed to benefit the Defendants to the detriment of the

    161. WI Stat. 11, WI Stat. 946, 18 U.S.C. § 1951, 18 U.S.C. § 1956 and other laws
    were designed to prevent quid pro quo corruption in Wisconsin municipal governments.

    Yep. The Defendants are going to have a rough go at it. There is visible evidence of this all over OFFICIAL City of Racine proceedings. Imagine what the HIDDEN evidence will reveal!

    Will there be criminal charges in the future?

    I can’t wait to see the Defendants answer.

    • Yes, I lot of folks be interested in that. Will Team Dicket try to get the records sealed? Good luck with that The Book Dark Alliance By Gerry Webb uses Court papers from Fed cases of big time Contras to show how the CIA/Others where selling crack in the Inner Cities of America.
      What will trained Reports find looking at this case in Racine.
      This could be the biggest political corruption story in our history.

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    “How can the City say pay for The Mayor’s Defense and that of his pals some also named and pay for say RootWorks? Pay for trips to Sister Cities? Trips to DC? More $$ to Belle City TV? How?”

    I dunno? Maybe by expecting businesses to pay their taxes? Maybe by taking away properties after they haven’t paid their taxes for over 3 years, and selling them to those who will pay?

    How about this? Cut the salaries and benefit packages of the gold plated boat anchors that are warming seats in City Hall and pulling in over $100,000+ grand? Maybe if the City got rid of the big salaries, they’d get the LEAD out and get some hungry young people in that will work! DIckert has thrown money around like it’s nothing – HE BUYS LOYALTY AND SILENCE!

    How about the lift bridges? $500,000 + a year to operate them – WHY?

    For some pleasure boaters to waste fuel and dump their sewage into the Root River? When the County is sitting on a half-empty Marina? Slips are available at the Yacht Club?

    How about shutting off the decorative street lights that light up Downtown? All lit up – and it’s effing’ empty.

    Yeah – Jim Spodick – he’s everywhere. Maybe we can sell Jim Spodick masks for next Halloween, and everyone can scare the Crap out of City Hall.

    Plus there’s over $20,000,000 in the reserves kitty.

    Maybe the Mayor should just ask for the non-profits to pick up the legal bills.

    I think the Tavern League should start a legal defense fund for the Mayor and others involved – it’s apparent that they got lots of $$$$ and know how to raise funds! A couple of fundraisers at Ivanhoe’s should get the ball rolling!

    No problem.

  3. Downtown Braun says:

    Here ya go – I saw this over at Racine Community Media and at the JT Irregulars:


    Racine- According to Racine Aldermen and Cable Commissioners, the surrounding communites have had access to the City Of Racine’s cable access tv station, for free, long enough. Despite The City Of Racine residents paying $160K a year for the under utilized channel, The City Of Racine will ask outlying communities to pay 3 percent for CAR25/BelleTV. It’s a very suprising move considering the 2012 budget was $80K a year and they currently have no sponsors, and currently have less than 6 community members producing programming. It’s mostly old 3 Stooges, Andy Griffith and Bonanza re-runs airing on the channel now days, and that’s when the channel is even functioning or on-air. In a move that was sold to the community and residents 10 months ago by Mayor John Dickert and others, outsourcing the community channel was to SAVE MONEY and be SELF SUFFICIENT. In less than one year, the budget has doubled and the City Of Racine will now ask outlying communites to contribute 3 percent. When asked what the surrounding communities would recieve in return, the answer from the Racine Cable Commission? NOTHING!!!!

    Be sure to go to the link above to listen to the audio of the Cable Commission discussing how they are going to ask the deadbeat communities that surround Racine to pay their fair share of Belle TV’s expenses.

    Hell, why don’t they just demand TWC add a surcharge to everyone’s bill!

    Maybe Mayor Dickert could ask surrounding communities to just pitch in – like the non-profits in Racine.

    OR – how about Mayor Dickert and the Common Council host a beg-a-thon on Belle-TV? It would probably bring in millions!

    OR, the Mayor could just issue another Executive Order and demand surrounding communities pay Racine 3% of it’s $81,000,000+ budget. Sounds fair to me.

    • Thinking its safe to say Good By to Belle City TV. I understand that the contract will Belle City is so lose that Belle City may be able to take the cast from ads sold if they ever do

  4. Black Prince says:

    The Cable Commission and the role they played in manipulating and rigging the CAR25 contracts, will surely play into the RICO portion of this lawsuit. It’s a classic RICO case. This is a HUGE PROBLEM for these people as individuals. Who will the City Of Racine residents be paying legal bills for, there are over 20 people listed in that lawsuit so far, are taxpayers paying for everyone? Joey Legath? Doug Nicholson? How about former Mayor Gary Becker, he’s named in the lawsuit, are residents paying his legal fees? What about the FORMER aldermen? Are Racine residents footing the bill for all of these people? What about when this thing starts to grow and others are added to the case? This thing is huge and I wouldn’t want to be one of the defendants that’s for sure.

  5. Mr. Racine says:

    I notice that the DRC is a Defendant, which includes Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig. Hopefully there will be a full investigation into the going-ons with Downtown business owners being allowed to operate businesses on premises that have unpaid property taxes on them beyond 3 years.

    Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai also needs to be investigated.

    “The mission of the Racine County Treasurer’s Office is to provide prompt, courteous, high-quality services for the benefit of Racine County citizens by efficiently carrying out the fiduciary and statutory responsibilities of cash receipts and disbursements, property tax collection, and managing investments for Racine County. ”

    I would say that she has neglected to perform her fiduciary and statutory duties when it came to property taxes, but that’s my opinion.

    Why are Racine County residents paying millions in $$$ to subsidize City of Racine business owners who are operating on premises that owe back taxes for over 3 years?

    AND Reefpoint Marina received ONLY one bid? for $40,000? Yet – has it paid rent for the past 2 years? That needs to be looked into.

  6. Downtown Braun says:

    How come the tax foreclosure process works in Milwaukee County, but not Racine County?

    Are the laws different? Or has the County made backroom deals with the DRC and other City officials?

    “As the city tried to whittle away at the number of properties it owns through tax foreclosures, the Treasurer’s Office continues to file additional properties in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

    As of now, the city owns 1,198 properties that were taken in tax foreclosures. Tax foreclosures are separate from bank-owned foreclosures, which have slowed considerably in the past year. | March 4, 2014 7:00 a.m.”

    Read more from Journal Sentinel:$canonURL#ixzz2v0GVxq19

    What the Hell is going on in Racine County?

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