How much will this cost Racine? My .02


How much will this lawsuit the one just filed by some former Bar Owners on a a long list of Local elected Goverment folks  and pals of Mayor John Dickert cost?

100,000 1,000,000 more? I do not mean if old the Bar Owners win, that I think be mega Millions  but just in the basic defense to the suit.

The defense Lawyers will get paid, the expenses of the Lawyer(s)  will be paid what might be the hourly rate 100 hr, 200 hr? I have no idea but with a case this big my guess is that it be two Lawyers a P.I. and other staff will be needed. Copies of records will have to be obtained.

Thinking that be over 200 Billable Hours just in the first few months for that group.

Will the Mayor of Racine use a PR firm to shore up fall out on his reputation? How much will that be? Who will pay for that? What will be cut from the City budget? Will Mayor John Dickert start a defense fund?

How does this impact city operations? Does this impact our Mayor’s other jobs? I think this case will.

IMHO we living in Racine for the first time ever will get access to City Records  that the Good Old Boys not like us to know about.

Info on projects from Roorworks to Team Porter’s and unlike before thinking real reporters will be very interested in this information.

Could even shine the light on Cockroaches


Be interesting how our Mayor  gets us to pay the bill, this time

Hey at least this time jobs are coming to Racine God knows how many lawyers will be needed.

That’s just for for the Mayor and Aldermen a whole issue maybe at what point if they are found at fault will the City stop pay for their defense?

However there are some who may not be able to have the City pay for their defense. How will they? Will they get a lawyer or will they make a deal or what?

Lets hope that all defendants have the money to get good Lawyers I think they they will need them.

So let’s put this out in the world will the strain of the Lawsuit and perhaps $$ issues caused end marriages? Force Businesses to close?  Maybe as records come into light cause other roles to be looked into. I just do not see this ending well for the Mayor or us the Folks of Racine who will get to pay for this.



4 Responses to How much will this cost Racine? My .02

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Maybe they’ll create a special fee and add it to your property taxes.

    The John DIckert Defense Fund Fee. There will be no statutory or constitutional limit on the fee amount. It can also be collected – forever, and only goes up, never down.

    You know, if stupidity was painful, Racine wouldn’t be having these problems.

  2. MyTaxDollarsForIgnorance says:

    Disgusting, really.
    People get shot and/or beaten to death just blocks from city hall, the police station, AND the courthouse ….ON A WEEKLY BASIS and the bar owners have the balls to claims racial discrimination rather than step-up their own standards to maintain a safe environment for paying customers. All while downtown racine has already faced decades of a downward violent/criminal spiral.
    Run a respectable business, and the city will gladly collect your tax dollars for years to come.
    The city had to play the only card it had the ability to, revoking a liquor license of a shittily-run establishment, and cleaning up the streets for the tax paying community. (Also noting, that since Park on 6th had been shut down, there has been ZERO bar time beatings/murders on the main streets of downtown racine. …Which the bullshit “documentary” failed to even recognize)
    The only winners in this case will be the lawyers collecting $800/hr if this case goes to settlement, when no one is brave enough to stand up against the “race card”. The losers being the taxpayers, whom are already afraid to walk the streets of downtown racine when the sun goes down….
    Pardon me while I vomit and completely reconsider my tolerance for ignorance. A big change is coming, and odds are currently against the better.

    • We will see what happens in court. What information comes out and what will it show? Will The FBI be coming to Racine?
      My guess is when Mayor Dickert takes thew stand be standing room only. Will his pal Obama be there?

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