Will there be a Boycott on the Journal Times?



What’s this about the Journal Times?

I did not go to the last showing of Pattern or Practice in Racine last Thursday, I did however hear about a lot of the discussions held after the film showed.

My source tells me that our local “Newspaper” The Jounal Times was brought up as being part of the Mayor John Dickert Propaganda network and that the J-T was covering The News as the Good Old Boys wanted it covered, used as my source calls it ” The way the Mayor wants” what stories are covered and how they are covered to fit the agenda of City Hall.

Now from the time I moved here from Madison I have been told that time and again, not surprised that the feelings came up again, I am some what surprised that the showing was not covered by the Journal Times as they had a Reporter in attendance, from what I understand to cover the showing.      Why no story? Did the Editor or someone else (wonder who that might be?) say nothing here to see move along?

As for the showing I was told it was crowed with many questions being asked afterword, at that time was the idea of a Boycott was brought up.

My source saying to me, that the Minority population feels that the J-T could not care less about them, so why should they (Minorities of Racine) buy the paper or shop at stores that carry the Journal-Times.

I have been told a letter is being written to Stores that carry the Paper and advertisers. Should this come about what effect will this have on the J-T Would this help the Communicator come back into being?

Very interesting times we live in, I see this call for Boycott as part of the Fallout of the lawsuit on John Dickert and others. There will be far more to come. Going to be very interesting

5 Responses to Will there be a Boycott on the Journal Times?

  1. jas says:

    nobody buys the paper anymore.

  2. Mr. Racine says:

    Boycott The JT?

    That will accomplish nothing.

    How about picketing Racine City Hall?

    Or a SIT-IN at Racine City Hall?

    Spreading the truth around Downtown Racine with marches and posters?

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    Here are some better ideas – copy the tactics of the Dickert supporters and Defenders –

    They were willing to be arrested to further their cause and be featured in the newspaper!

    They blocked traffic on Sixth St. in front of Paul Ryan’s office and got arrested. Lots of coverage for days in The JT.

    They went to Fred Young’;s house and raised a ruckus – even got arrested.

    You’re young, Black and unemployed in Racine? It’s not going to get much better or change under the current regime in power.

    Boycott The JT? Accomplish less than nothing. Make your jail sentence count.

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