Racine Its got to be the Water: Commetry

I am so confused.  How many in Racine and not only live in 2014 but exist in a world that they have no clue about.

Maybe I am unique, I am after all a male born in the USA, having gone to School in Madison Wisconsin and U.W. Madison the best education on Earth, and serving in the US Army and Army Reserve gave me a look at how the world works, and My Drinking,Divorce, dealing with the State of Wisconsin Justice system, taught me about the hard world we live in.

Now via the internet know and interact with others around the world from Rich to Poor-Black-White-Yellow-Brown, understand how others around the world think and act the way they do.

The internet also allowing me to read information and understand more.

Truly, I am not unique nor am a a genius of any sort, I am just a guy but a guy so much farther ahead then those who act like the real world does not exist in the bubble called Racine.

In this world we have no crime in the City of Racine, we have no unemployment because neither have happened to them. When they hear of others who may think that crime or Jobs might be an issue, the thought is no issues its a perception we can trust our leaders (do they not have nice hair?)

In this world all houses are looking great and we have no homeless issues for HALO takes them all in we do not really have homeless families living in Cars.

We could go on with the world of Unicorns they see Racine from Drugs are not a huge issue, that causes Death not only in Racine but on the  long road here many being killed being young kids. That folks from “Chicago” are begging to move to Racine that this will make Racine boom!

Then why bother?  Thing is will be the wake up call coming when their world comes to an end, and it is.

The Racine area is not sustainable and the cute Meatless Monday’s or not allowing Sons to play War Games will not help.  See when things truly go to hell and the Downtown of Racine is gone  and both the City and Racine Tax base cant keep even basic service intact. Hope they are ready for the world of Looting and Pillage that will be knocking


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