Flash news! Team Porter’s is DEAD!! My 2 bits


Wowers! News from the J-T

Porters project stopped — Buildings to be removed to make clear development site”

Wowers!! Just before New Years we were told We were just days away


From the story

“There is no major dispute; it’s all wordsmithing,” O’Connell said. “… The details matter, and the attorneys are paying attention to details.”

“I think by the end of the year our development agreement will be final,” he said.     That was 12/12/13

Now just around 40 days away Team Porter’s is DEAD DEAD DEAD just like some say Downtown Racine is.

Bet Mayor Dickert is one unhappy Camper after all the time and  PR spent on the great Team Porters!  To see something going from being signed by the end of the year.

So now The new idea is to tear the whole thing down and build something new Again from the J-T Story

“Mayor John Dickert said his office will work with Waters to find a new developer for the site which is slightly more than one acre. He said it would be right for developments such as:

– A corporate office building. There have been such inquiries in the past but without a sufficiently large site, Dickert said.

– A hotel.

– Ground-floor commercial structure with housing above, as the Porters project was to have been….”

40 days from almost being a done deal to this.

Questions I have include

Did the City of Racine have any idea this was coming?

Will Waters get paid anything from this?

Will this end a police/fire investigation from the pipe leak?

How much if anything did insurance pay out?

Will the City of Racine buy this now worthless I guess lot

If so  for how much?

Will this end the TIF/BID

Who will get the contract to tear it down? I bet we already know

Does this not go to more show how worthless Downtown Racine is? Did $$ not come in as was maybe needed because of falling property values?  Recall that the old Historic Century Market sold for less then I think 10% of assessed value just a few weeks ago.

IMHO this is a big sigh the Downtown Racine is dead not coming back to life and its time to stop spending good City and County money on the pals of John Dickert and Jim Ladwig

Sure liked seeing Kaplin on Belle City TV at 7 PM but is running old TV shows what we are paying 150K + for?

5 Responses to Flash news! Team Porter’s is DEAD!! My 2 bits

  1. Kate Remington says:

    it is clear that you and unreal are prognosticators and I like the picture of Micah in the paper.  It is so Racine.  I think pr is unreal…you can keep me guessing.   The building that should not be turned into parking is the Y – Opera House because it is in our pattern and practice poster!!! 

    as for your writing Mr. Ruin, I especially like So now The new idea is to tear the whole thing down and build something new Again from the J-T Story which is sort of Racine style cryptic haiku too U 



  2. Mr. Racine says:

    “Bet Mayor Dickert is one unhappy Camper after all the time and PR spent on the great Team Porters! To see something going from being signed by the end of the year.”


    Micah Waters hasn’t paid property tax on that worthless collection of garbage buildings! In fact – the TID shifted the tax burden to YOU! Do you understand that? YOU have been paying Micah Water’s share of RUSD, Gateway, City, County and State taxes!

    Micah’s made ?????? $$$$$ in fee and SUCH FOR WHAT? THAT money came from YOU!

    Improvements were made Downtown and Cronies supplied the labor and materials!

    Brian O’Connell has another Dickert Disaster to administer!

    Now watch Dickert got for broke and try to have the City fund some hotel/convention center.

    YOU lost! YOU paid! The project is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED because it opened another Black Hole for YOUR money to disappear into!

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    The Dickert Disaster rears it’s ugly head one again! Brought to you by Lying’ John who sued the people who elected him mayor!

    HEY! Lying’ John! Name the Embezzler you fired!

  4. Mr. Racine says:

    Time to play CONNECT THE DOTS!

    Dickert and the Downtown Crowd want a Hotel and Convention center. Hmmmm… AND Suddenly, in The JT what should appear – but a cry for a DEMAND to have a library in Mt. Pleasant! The Group is forming, stats have been compiled, a consultant hired, a site has been chosen and well, Once a new library is built in Mt. Pleasant – the Library Funding on John Dickert’s back is gone, and hey – the Lakefront Library is redundant, too expensive to maintain, has problems, isn’t used enough – and HEY! Let’s Demolish the Lakefront Library!

    Lying’ John Dickert plays the people like a Fiddle – and they dance to his tune!

    The REAL name of the article should reflect the PURPOSE of the Group forming – which is to REPLACE the Lakefront Library and free the land down there for John’s cronies to build their dreams – of course, a TID will need to be created, IF TID 17 can’t be expanded to cover the territory.

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