Fighting City Hall

The Enemy we as residents of a city in debit over taxed over regulated, may be

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

The Mayor of the City of Racine and his pals the Racine County GOP who cover for and party with him.

They may include folks like Thomas Friedel who many say runs the city perhaps Consigliere



imagesGH The Man who lives to be City Attorney many feel


Then you have the great stooge

imagesfa  My bad   200_Jim_12Feb08 look so much a like do they not? Maybe even the same love of Pop Bottles?

As much as the above IMHO done so much do put this fair City into Ruin driving many out and more to come, putting the City into huge debit with more to come.  Then planing actions such as the “Uptown Plan” that will insure this City once the home to antislavery action becomes the new home of The KKK      KKK for is not gentrification driving out poor blacks and hoping rich whites fill the vacuum raciest?

Maybe not when your city leaders and their cronys can rape the residents in the implementation of say “The Uptown Plan”  or Rootworks.?  Right?

See the big enemy here in Racine is not the Powers that be the Good Old Boys  its


The Public.  We need to  do more.

No one can do it all no one but we can do more and it may not seem much but added up they can and have moved Mountains. They can in Racine and Racine County we can remove the scum of the earth and get better folks in Goverment even if its

A Puppy.

Simple steps:

Show up to City Counsel meetings if only to show them you are paying attention

When you go say Hi to your Alderman. No need to be rude if you do not like yours  just a simple Hi, let me know if they are less then polite NOTE Alderman Helding maybe Armed he may think your being kind and saying Hi a Attack be careful.

If you feel motivate take the opportunity to speak your mind politely about issues of the City.

The Good Old Boys will not like it and disrespect you but your being there talking upsets them greatly so go for it. Just be polite.  If they are super rude call them out on it, courtesy goes both ways.

Write your elected officials via email  to their city emails that is public recorded they can not say they did not get the Email, if they answer save the answer.

See if there is a topic in the City of Racine of interest to you and study up on said subject. Talk about this subject to others, feel free to talk about why you think Dickert is a fool, many to choose.

If you like writing start a blog (You do not have to write well I am an example of that)  Word Press is free to use as is Blogger.  The Good Old Boys will not like that trust me. A simple one about your Neighborhood might be just the thing.

Note If your Blond Female and have Big Tracks of land DO NOT GO INTO THE MAYOR”S OFFICE ALONE maybe on seconded thought you should. Mexico is nice this time of year. I hear too that RCEDC is a nice place to work pays well too.    Bring your resume I am sure that is what they both hire on right?



Small steps go a long way maybe in time we can gather to toss the bums out of office all the bums





One Response to Fighting City Hall

  1. Kate Remington says:

    Oh No!? Is that Fatty Arbuckle?!! very stylish commentary delivery artsy too.


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