Gentrification the new racism comes to Racine! Part 1

girWelcome to Mayor John Dickerts Racine!

A Racine that is poor has no money  and over 200 Million in debit!!  A City that is so lost that Streetlights come down (As our Mayor goes to Mexico)

To bring us up to speed we have been downgraded in our credit rating and could be again.  We have lost a large amount of population and still have an ave of Two Homes going into Forecloser every day!

Things are so bad that our Mayor the one one phone call away from Obama had to send a letter begging City of Racine Non profit’s to send money  to help pay the bills like the over 100K the City spend paying Mayor Dickert’s legal bills. Leaving us of course with a debit service of about 27% this means that out of every $1. of taxes coming to the City 27% goes to pay on debit!

So what does our Mayor do? Does he cut back on spending to try and hold the line on taxes? No Mayor John Dickert! No what he is trying to do real bad is raise property values so he (the Mayor) can sell more Bonds to keep his dream of Rootworks and other monuments to his Godhood.

ZOD   All Hail Mayor John Dickert!

So how will he be trying to do this?

Well his first try was with the NSP  you know working on Homes in need of fixing up, doing so then finding new owners. Those homes fixed up would bring about higher values to be taxed  IMHO this would in turn raise assessments in near by homes bringing in more $$ for Dickert games and maybe force Blacks out of houses opening them up for more real estate games the old flip game things like that.

The NSP program did not work out so good.

Did it Zod I mean Mayor Dickert?

Mind you the NSP is still playing it’s self out and why…

Easy as the Mayor goes into the Uptown plan he now has a band of Cronies who will do as he asks as long as there is some loot in it for them, now best yet Dickert has a city staff who will do as he wants when he wants and many Aldermen who will never question him on anything.

The Uptown is a great place for the Mayor to do Phase II.

Mostly made up of Poor Blacks who have no place to turn for help.  Q.A Alderman of the 6th  is owned and operated by John Dickert. Sheilds of the 3nd has no power being only one person

The Black Churches will not do much as I see it they get a lot from the City of Racine and will not bite the hand that feeds them

See for the Uptown Project the great remove of the Black Population to take place

our leader KKK  John Dickert needed

Complant Aldermen (mostly and now working on removing two free thinkers)

Control of Local Media has the J-T /Has WRJN/ has Belle City TV  only The Mayor’s  works get told to the sheep that is Racine.

Groups of Business Leaders from the Good Old Boys  to help him allow him to loot and loot well.



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