Mayor for Life!


All Hail, the Mayor for Life John Dickert!

I use to think that The God John Dickert was looking for a a way up the ladder a place up the food chain sat Congressmen or State Senator, maybe Lt Governor.

No longer do IMHO John Dicker is happy and will stay happy as Mayor, for what I see as his goals he does not need to do anthing more then stay Mayor, being Mayor even of a dieing city gives him everything hew needs.

He is a Mayor of a large City as such he is paid well, should he be dishonest there is great oppertunies for $$


Just like Butler made If Dicker wanted to.

Perhaps kickbacks from City Contracts just a few % from City Contracts would make him rich

Being the Mayor with power

imagesml                                          imagesbp88


Women would be no issue , none at all In fact as I see it he is at the top of the world, so why would he trade this His Godhood for anything else?

Mind you the off chance that Obama asked him to come to D.C. since he (Dickert) trying hard to be the Leader on the Water issue of the Midwest and mind you its a huge issue going to get at lot of attention and lots of $$ tossed at it, look to Dickert to try hard to be a part of and group of politicos  who make up groups in the Midwest.

In this way when he does leave office he can be a lobbyist for a Water Group or Company and think of the Money then.

So in the mean time expect lots of public works to His Glory (think Root Works) ways to put pals in places as to protect him

mr m or mr sleepy

and he will do what it takes to be pals to them in the GOP who as I see it are just like him

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Its not hopeless we can and should call out his issues



Because the more issues that stick with the public the less likely he keeps the image he has, the one thing he needs most of all.

Are you going to Mexico this winter?


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