Games with the City of Racine

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As I understand things Open Records laws exist to ensure the Goverment is transparent and the sweet deals  perhaps illegal deals can be exposed and dealt  with, when we add to than the idea of no one is above the law we have hope of seeing what is behind the curtain.

After I received info from a source on Belle City TV I sent this request into the City of Racine

Good Morning

I am asking for the following Open Records:

1) A list of all Paid Sponsors of Belle City TV from 1/1/13 to 12/1/13 and the amount charged
2) The amount of money charged to  Ms Mary Osterman for her sponsorship packages for “advertising” of her store Copasetic
located in Racine WI.
3) Copies of any contracts or Emails between Belle City TV and Ms. Osterman from 5/1/13 and 12/1/13.
4) The name of the person clearing the Viacom synicated programing running on Belle City TV over the last month
5) a list of all Racine area producers  as of 1/3/13

I understand that a reasonable charge maybe incurred if so I need to be contacted prior . Note  PDF copies would be fine would be fine

Thank You

Wayne Clingman
Wisconsin Daily Independent

This was sent to the City Clerk and City Administrator. The same day or the next, I got an Email from the City that due to the number of of FOI requests it be longer then 10 days to fill.

Its now 1/9/14 by my count 22 Business days.

So I send a follow up email asking about the delay, lets see what the City saids

Why so long? Simply a shortage of manpower or what? What could the city be trying to hide?

might it be?

Number of Producers creating content is close to 0?

That there have been no ad sales? That be followed up with  if no ads where sold how did an ad (as I would describe it) by Copasetic get on Belle City TV? That may open up a whole line of issues.

With a member of the cable commission running for Alderman, issues that may be embarrassing to the City of Racine.

But wait there is more!  Think Bulkhead lines and locations of such in writing. Are the maps there or missing?

Next on…..

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