I write about a lot of issues in Racine in RIR more in the Wisconsin Daily Independent.

Since New Years been reflecting not how efective I have been, since until folks living in Racine care show up in numbers at City meetings “vote out the bums” nothing is going to change, a bit sad but thinking it’s the truth.

If seeing your taxes sky rocket and services go to hell, Gateway as I have been told by students both going now or have went going to pot (yet leadership making the big bucks) RUSD just for shit  to the point that I see the J-T not caring to print BS stories saying how good RUSD is! If we do not care about that going on is anyone going to say or do anything about, oh the Games at Rootworks,what will happen with the Uptown project., how The County will rape Union Grove and other small towns to fund Reef Point Marina and their desperate attempt to find/keep boaters.

So why do I do it?

Easy, to document what happened and with luck why.

Now, I cant cover every scandal hell we cant read about many events going on in the City from the J-T case in point Porter’s.

However I will be focusing on the following

1) Rootworks

2) Uptown Project

3)   Porter’s

4) Delta Hawk

5) The Games with Dickert’s Cronys.

I like to write on the Casino but with on line Gambling coming soon, I think that is dead.



One Response to Focus

  1. Kate Remington says:

    wayne, I have been thinking about your question regarding origin of Dickert and Jim Spodick dislike. Despite the hype, the business opportunity was not as positive as the glossies and after the market was underway Jim S. became partners with Jim Dickert instead of sole owner of the the old Klinkert Bldg (Park 6). At that time there was another real estate restructuring (ah private competition!!) and Jim S.was strapped for cash, SCJohnsons (Helen) evaluated the situation personally on site chatting with JS and JS became the target. Jim’s Racine treatment was relentless and complete. Jim survived the storm because of the rallying of his family and his wife’s mother and Kevin his relative. It was painful to watch. I always will resent how Scooping the Loop was taken out of JS hands and reborn at the zoo. The Scoop was such an authentic Racine celebration and was looked forward to. It was the one thing we could pull off without very much money. At the time of all this restructuring among the county city and corporate elites John Dickert had already met up with Monte and they were a match for bringing out the worst in each other. So what happened between Jim S and Dickert?? Jim Spodick hired Donna Murphy to help partner with him on the market, she had a husband who was a musician, the divide and conquer strategy was usedin with great predatory energy and skilland John Dickert persuaded Donna to leave the Market and take JS to court. Jim didn’t like John Dickert or Jim Dickert after Donna Murphy left. Donna and her husband were also friends and Jim and she worked well until the fraying and the lying and the dividing. It hurt to watch. Dickert had to wait until he was the mayor to finish the job. The Racine earth is rich and fecund but Dickert manages to make it dirty.

    Everything else I said to you today is my point of view Divide and Conquer technique is perfected by John Dickert. He has learned his lessons well on that. He finds easy prey with musicians and creative types too.

    Ownership of land. Inside players. I remember working a Sixth Street food counter between the Market and the Old Klinkert during an Art Walk or a Party on the Pavement and Dickert was sitting next to me when Mayor Jim Smith came up and you could see a visceral reaction set in between the two…..

    will think about your Focus and reply to that soon. Hope you and all are inside and warm.


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