American Hustle Racine Style


So my wife and I went to see American Hustle yesterday an enjoyable film , afterword talking about the film in the lobby we had other share their ideas on the film.

As much as there were many shades of gray how characters behaved  in the film on of them Carmine  was not out to line his pockets but to help the city he was Mayor of and just made bad choices.

That was brought up alone with….. Mayor John Dickert!

Carmine was seen by us as trying to help his city, Our Mayor as a crook, a man out  first last and alwase to only be in it, to give $$ to his pals, to get every perk coming for him (Like Trips to France/Mexico) and if he had bend a rule that be O.K.

Better yet if could put his foes down, more power to it.

This was all brought out by the group after the film.

Points made too was if Street lights had to come down, Carmine would take his down first.

Carmine would not ask the public to donate labor that City Union workers could do and the idea of busting Union Contract repulsive.

Folks from not just Racine but all around Racine County where in this group, a very interesting meeting to say the least. Yes as much as the Mayor of Racine John Dickert would love  to be seen as IMHO as a great leader of the rich white folks in Racine on his way to higher office.

Based on this group, Dickert is seen a petty bully. A crook without honor.

An older man 80 if he was a day, said it best he did not care if an elected official was corrupt, but please keep the roads cleared in the Winter and keep the street lights on.

Carmine for Mayor!

Question what happened to Belle City TV for the last two full days and this morning its been dark. What is going on?

Of course

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