My score for predictions.




1) Mayor John Dickert keeps Racine as the #1 City in Unemployment/\  Got that one He must be so proud!

2) A major employer in Racine tells it’s employees, that by 2015, the Company will be moved out of Racine/\  Lots of lay offs in the city and Johnson’s joined in so I say I am 50% right

3)  Delta Hawk will make little effort to hire more staff. The City makes no effort to “Claw Back” and funds used by Delta Hawk /\ 100% right on the mark what is going on at Delta Hawk?

4) Major issues with Porter’s Mayor Dicker tries to  fix by expanding the TIF. The effort fails

/\ Major issues as I see it time and again we got told it start soon still nothing… then who knows what is happening I say 50% right

5)  Issues over The 7th St Roundabout mirror The City Hall Bathrooms’s issues This becomes a major scandal  /\ big zip on this one

6) RiverWorks begins work on the Mound St overlook. Funding drys up. /\ big zip on this one too

7) The City loss of the Union law suit causes 35 employees to be laid off /\ we lost the case and appeal but no lay offs so 50%

8) The fight over CAR 25 results in two law suits /\ big zip here too but 2014 may change that

9) The Journal Times shuts the doors /\ wishful thinking on my part

10)  The City of Racine finds out the amount of the Settlement to “Bill” found to be over $150,000.

total cost to the City  of Racine will be found to be over $250,000  /\ off a bit in the total amount say another 50%

11) City of Racine buys Azarian for back taxes. /\  I think my talking about the possibility stopped that for now


A elected City office gets divorced. The case will not be pretty /\ two went down one got ugly 2014 should bring more.

Well unlike Mayor Dickert and his bringing companies to Racine I did OK I give myself a C+ on my predictions

Downtown Racine are you connected? My .02

Thinking of starting a Business in Downtown Racine? Great! You can get building cheep!  Look at 522 6th St. Sold for 40K YES! that’s right a building that was assessed a few years ago at 700K sold for less 10% of what we are told this great building one block away from city hall is worth far less then my home is worth.  Wow.

What does that say for the real worth of Downtown? Let’s ask this question  how are the Businesses Downtown doing? I think for shit.

Why do I care easy! We tax payers are spending lots of hard earned cash supporting of just what 1.5 squire?

Question is 1) how much money is being dumped in this area? 2) When if ever will the gravy train end? 3) for what? How does this spending help the real issues of The City like lack of jobs?

From what I see Porter’s has done NOTHING and no one knows why?  I think nothing will get done to the point of taking bets (I only bet things of no real  value like Gum) if it ever starts.

in 2012 we are told about the project 2/9/12   2/9/12

RACINE — The former Porters of Racine’s owners Thursday announced a $5.5 million redevelopment of the building into 37 apartments and seven ground-floor retail spaces.

The renovated structure at 301 Sixth St. will be named the Porters of Racine Building, said developer Micah Waters who co-owns the property with his uncle Bob Waters. The name refers to the high-end furniture store that lasted 152 years before closing about two years ago.

During its final months, Micah Waters, an architect, and his firm, Signature Architecture — also at 301 Sixth St. — began working on a reuse plan for the 80,000-square-foot structure that started as nine different buildings….

Then after some time we have this  7/13/13

RACINE — Construction could start for a major Downtown redevelopment, the $6 million Porters of Racine project, within two months.

On Friday, developer and building owner Micah Waters said they are now about halfway through the process of doing architectural drawings with a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and plumbing engineer. Those drawings must be submitted for state approval — not the City of Racine — because of the project’s large size.

No local permits will be needed; as soon as Waters has state permits, interior demolition can start.

“With the adjusted construction schedule, it looks like the beginning of September” for construction to start, Waters said. Construction is expected to take about 16 months, which would have the project being finished by about the end of 2014.

Note this quote ““With the adjusted construction schedule, it looks like the beginning of September” for construction to start, Waters said” …

Now its 12/13 and still nothing. NOTHING We are told everything is in place but….

Maybe nothing will after all even the Hot Dog guy cant make it in Downtown Racine

“RACINE — Top Dog Hot Dogs owner Caleb Robinson has closed his store on Monument Square, but the head of Downtown Racine Corp. hopes to eventually get him another storefront.

Top Dog’s last day at 520 Main St. on Monument Square was Friday. Without elaborating, Robinson said he had loans and tax obligations that required him to slash overhead.

“It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,” he said Monday…”.

Note this quote.. “Robinson said he had loans and tax obligations that required him to slash overhead. “It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,” he said Monday…”

In other words he could not sell enough Hot Dogs to pay the bills with taxes leading the list.

That is if you pay your taxes, we know from other reports we have businesses in the great downtown that are not paying taxes from Sales to Propriety Tax.

We know that the County is paying the City the property taxes that are owed but to me does nothing to seize the buildings that owe the back property . Why is it the job of Union Grove to pay the taxes owed by Downtown Property owners?

Might this photo explain?


Worse we are told that if we just get more members of the GOP in Madison things will change but I think not

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Getting to think that be it GOP or Democrats its all a game. SAy what the Sheep want to hear and drive on after all its all about the money, who gets it and how


I hope I am wrong but I think not.   Lots of ways this helps from votes to maybe envelopes put in cars like happened in Kenosha County.



Of course with no real change in Racine or Downtown Racine other then looting and crony Capitalism end result will be a fleeing population and crashing property values

See example

522 Sixth St.

Not long ago this was assessed  at 700K  now Downtown property is falling in vale

But be happy, Mayor John Dickert is going to Mexico! Did your really need your street light?  Did you truly want the street plowed? Hey look at the City Hall Bathrooms!  Who did the Bathrooms?  Did you see the nice ad on Belle City TV for the Hat store? How much you think that cost?

Racine, is it a corrupt place on the Great Lake?

Will Ms Mary Osterman be the subject of a new Ethics probe?

Will Ms Mary Osterman be the subject of a new Ethics probe?

A group ranging from the 7 to both City/County elected officials I understand, are talking together about just that.

The subject to be looked into by a request to the Ethics Board of the City, would be advertising/sponsorship of Belle City TV, and if she is paying the same price as anyone not on the Cable Commission would pay, or is She getting a better rate for ads because she is on the Cable Commission , a pal of the Mayor’s (after all she was helping on his last reelection campaign)   and a strong part of changing CAR 25 to Belle City TV thereby helping friends of the Mayor?  As some members of this group have expressed that concern to me.

Might be a discounted price (if she got one Open Records request when in this morning) be her reward? If so is that ethical? IMHO its something of value far greater then say a Lunch or a few cups of Coffee to say thanks.  is the spot. This may be a better link Check out “Copecetic Hat Store” by @TheBelleTV on Vimeo   The Twitter quote as well

Mr Love at CAR 25 confirmed that Belle City  TV produced it.

So how much did they charge? Who set the price?  Could you or I get an Ad at the same price?

If not why not?

Goes into a whole new area, that being if they are selling ads a goal of the Mayor of the City of Racine who is buying them? Is just the only one? Is the $$ going to the City or are others making a commission from the sale? Does Time Warner know (selling of Ads might be in violation of the agreement we (City of Racine has with Time Warner) Belle City TV is selling Ads/Sponsorships?

Will Time Warner sue?

Speaking of being sued. Belle City is showing old TV shows and Cartoons on Belle City TV more questions:

What happened to the old producers? Are no new producers coming on? If so why?

Has the old shows been OKed as being in the Public Domain for Broadcast? Interesting the fact that Belle City TV is looking for money makes it a far different entity, then just a city station not looking to get paid.

When, not if Viacom finds out and they will, and still own the rights for broadcast on a Cable Network how much will they sue for?

Why do I think that we will soon all regret the Mayor wanting to be a big TV star like his Hero?


Just just in!

I understand that an Open Records request on complaints about programing on Belle City TV would be fruitful Oh what fun Racine is

PS Copy of the Open Records asked for

Good Morning

I am asking for the following Open Records:

1) A list of all Paid Sponsors of Belle City TV from 1/1/13 to 12/1/13 and the amount charged
2) The amount of money charged to  Ms Mary Osterman for her sponsorship packages for “advertising” of her store Copasetic
located in Racine WI.
3) Copies of any contracts or Emails between Belle City TV and Ms. Osterman from 5/1/13 and 12/1/13.
4) The name of the person clearing the Viacom synicated programing running on Belle City TV over the last month
5) a list of all Racine area producers  as of 1/3/13

I understand that a reasonable charge maybe incurred if so I need to be contacted prior . Note  PDF copies would be fine would be fine

Changes here


Expect more here from now on.

My New Gig at Cream City Radio (, they only wants stories about the Milwaukee area, I can do that, all kinds of great things going on in Milwaukee.

Yes they have issues sure do, but IMHO the good outweighs  the bad,  more so when as I have look close and see sighs of a rebirth far more to do with Governor Scott Walker then Mayor Tom “Clueless Look” Barret.

As well having the contacts that I do, I receive interesting leads to interesting stories that need to be told if not by me then by who? We all see the lack of real stories in the “Dead Tree Media” I can help change overcome that by using New Media to tell of such things as:

The effort to clean up the City and at the same time reduce the amount going into Land Fills

The efforts to demonize the Pottawatomie as outside Wisconsin interests look to build a Casino in Kenosha

How revitalization may be going on in unlikely areas of Milwaukee

How intercity parents are fighting back on MSD to insure a good education for their kids.

This Blog will still focus on Racine and the strange happenings going on.