Changes here


Expect more here from now on.

My New Gig at Cream City Radio (, they only wants stories about the Milwaukee area, I can do that, all kinds of great things going on in Milwaukee.

Yes they have issues sure do, but IMHO the good outweighs  the bad,  more so when as I have look close and see sighs of a rebirth far more to do with Governor Scott Walker then Mayor Tom “Clueless Look” Barret.

As well having the contacts that I do, I receive interesting leads to interesting stories that need to be told if not by me then by who? We all see the lack of real stories in the “Dead Tree Media” I can help change overcome that by using New Media to tell of such things as:

The effort to clean up the City and at the same time reduce the amount going into Land Fills

The efforts to demonize the Pottawatomie as outside Wisconsin interests look to build a Casino in Kenosha

How revitalization may be going on in unlikely areas of Milwaukee

How intercity parents are fighting back on MSD to insure a good education for their kids.

This Blog will still focus on Racine and the strange happenings going on.