Porter’s where is the J-T?


As you may know The RFD responded to an alarm at Porter’s yesterday AM. Thank God was not a fire but the Sprinklers where set off(as of this morning no explanation why. )

The Fire Department attempted to find a Key Holder to come and turn them off, as of 11:00 AM yesterday from what I understand no key holder could  reached to do so.   I understand the RFD then left the site without entering the building,with the Sprinklers still on.

So much more we do not know and since this may be a cornerstone of Downtown Racine and is the subject of Tax Dollars being spend to lots of speculation if Porters will ever start (Note last few days The Journal Times had a story saying that the deal between parties would be signed by the end of this year 2013 now only 6 business days away)

We need to know far more then we do now, I and others are wondering why not even a peep out of the Journal Times as of this A.M.?

I, have talked to Mr. X about this and here are some of the questions we have:

How long did the sprinklers keep running?

Why were all the Key Holders unable to be contacted?

How much if any Damage was done to the building?

Why did the sprinklers go off?

If anything other then mechanical failure was ay fault, will The Racine Police/Fire Department investigate?

If there is Damage  (Let’s hope not) will the cost of repair be added to the project?

How much damage to call off the project?

Should that be the case so much damage that the project be called off, does the City get first claim on any insurance monies?

Any claim on the City being repaid at all?

If the project does not go forward what happens to the BID?

So many questions. Mind you some answers will take time to understand.

I wonder like Mr. X does will we ever know from the J-T?

A sad note

Yesterday I talked to an elected local official on another subject, when we got to talking about Porter’s Mr.E used the term Jewish Lighting.

Sad this is what happens when so much strange events happen in a city, everyone thinks the worst of everything,

IMHO I think that mechanical issues cased this to happen, If not I am sure that the Racine Police/Fire dept will find the parties causing this to happen.

5 Responses to Porter’s where is the J-T?

  1. Kate Remington says:

    The lack of any kind of response to the strange happenings is spooky.  The two times recently when I have run into Micah, he more or less put on a show of supreme confidence….only he repeated himself almost verbatim with at least a month between the two encounters.  He doesn’t like me but you would never know it because he goes way out of his way to converve.  Just the other day I was shoveling/sanding Mike Kademian’s sidewalk on the 400 block of Sixth and Sandy from the Cobblestone stopped to chat and she was very positive about the direction for Racine and it was most surprising to me because the street is like desolate and there is only trouble if there is any action.  Sandy is a nice lady and I know she does not like alcohol and she has had her troubles too like everyone and she is genuine…..what does she see Wayne that I cannot see?

    What gives?  Why does a Sandy, a Chris Flynn, a Nikki and Alex continue to dismiss the incredible evidence mounting of this city’s distress?? Sandy talked to me about art and how I was and how she thinks things will soon be better……I was glad to see her looking so well and I wished I could feel that way but of course I am just puzzled and discouraged and defeated by the weather and this shutdown of sense and the silence blowing in the wind.  I don’t think Micah is well liked …. lots of gossip over the years to color the portrait of a not very nice person.


  2. Mr. Racine says:

    So the City doesn’t have a key??? And no keyholder was available?


    It’s an “accident” – LOL. Will the Common Council demand an investigation? LOL. You know, just to “start the conversation” – not that anything will be investigated or done. The Project has already gone from $5.5M to $6M to now $6.5M!!! DO I hear $7M – can I get $8M?????

    Oh LOOK! Here’s a couple of Racine’s finest voters – and proud graduates of RUSD!

    How do some “continue to dismiss the incredible evidence mounting of this city’s distress?? ”

    Simple – they don’t pay their taxes or bills and it doesn’t matter – at least for some. Others – they are eternal optimists and have another source of income – their needs are taken care of and the business is a hobby. Some receive forgiveness from the City. Others – take Psychotropic Drugs. They work – and take all the worries away! I recommend Xanex!

    A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that crosses the blood–brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.[1] These substances may be used recreationally, to purposefully alter one’s consciousness, or as entheogens, for ritual, spiritual, and/or shamanic purposes, as a tool for studying or augmenting the mind. Many psychoactive drugs have therapeutic utility, e.g., as anesthetics, analgesics, or for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

    Psychoactive substances often bring about subjective changes in consciousness and mood that the user may find pleasant (e.g. euphoria) or advantageous (e.g. increased alertness) and are thus reinforcing. Thus, many psychoactive substances are abused, that is, used excessively, despite health risks or negative consequences. With sustained use of some substances, psychological and physical dependence (“addiction”) may develop, making the cycle of abuse even more difficult to interrupt. Drug rehabilitation aims to break this cycle of dependency, through a combination of psychotherapy, support groups, maintenance and even other psychoactive substances. However, the reverse is also true in some cases, that certain experiences on drugs may be so unfriendly and uncomforting that the user may never want to try the substance again. This is especially true of the deliriants (e.g. Jimson weed) and powerful dissociatives (e.g. Salvia divinorum). Most purely psychedelic drugs are considered to be non-addictive (e.g. LSD, psilocybin, mescaline). “Psychedelic amphetamines” or empathogen-entactogens (such as MDA and MDMA) may produce an additional stimulant and/or euphoriant effect, and thus have an addiction potential.


    The RAMONES! I Wanna Be Sedated –

  3. orbscorbs says:

    I didn’t know this happened. A fire alarm and sprinklers going off in a major downtown development just blocks away, and the Journal Times doesn’t say a word. There is a news blackout in Racine concerning certain people and certain things. It’s like living behind the iron Curtain or in China, where local government censors the news. It’s just like that. So sad. Thank God we have other sources of news and information, which makes the Journal Times look all the more sinister and foolish at the same time.

  4. Pete of Sparta says:

    Many cannot face reality. I’ve found this in Nam vets, some will come up with bizarre reasons for us being there. I called one vet on it and he asked me what else could he tell himself. It was not for me to take him out of that world. I can’t say this syndrome should be named after Nero, Ostrichitis may be more accurate. They may see nothing, but we see more than we want to. Especially when it comes to an Ostrich. We need Diogenes walking around down town with his lantern, if it is bright enough, seeking that elusive honest man.

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