A chart that Mayor Dickert does NOT want you to see with notes found here.

This chart was given to me by others Photos are done clockwise from top center.

As most events have happened there are some here that where are still are expected to happen

very sorry for any misunderstanding.


5th photo is to insure the Middle section is included.

Will more then likely Scan the Original Chart and post

This should be thought of a guide to the interconnections to the Mayor’s pals.

This chart will be used in my E-Book to come

Did the others do a good job or did they miss some?







Exploring  the links here alone would take some time would also highlight the idea that most of the local GOP is just as bad as the Democrats as this photo goes to show.

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

mMaybe we should give the other guy running a try? or a puppy?


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