Free Press under Attack in Racine?



So this morning I see this


communication from the City Attorney recommending Council consideration of a press pass policy.


This should be sent to the Committee of the Whole for a debate on what to do/what form this policy should take, I do hope the question of why this is needed comes up and discussed  as well, can not wait to find out why this is needed.

What might be the reason,  a Press Pass Policy is needed now? Is Racine overwhelmed by Reporters ? Are Reporters  beating down the Doors of City Hall?  What might be going on?

I just might know what is going on to have the City create a Policy that IMHO will be used to control Reporters not on the Good list kept by The Mayor.

Me, I happened, the Good Old Boys are not liking that very much at all recall this


The first time see date was when Alderman McCarthy (note my very visible Press Pass issued by the Wisconsin Daily Independent) McCarthy said the fist time I be allowed to stay at the table but would find out if I be allowed to continue to do so. that I would know within 7 days.

The Next Week McCarthy told me that since The City did not have a written Press Policy I would be allowed to stay at the Media Table.

Note sign on Table allows Media in that area I have a Press Pass am I not Media?

Or might this all be due to the fact that as a Reporter for    Wisconsin Daily Independent stories from The Natives fighting the City over the Native mounds

to questions  on the City of Racine Ethics Bord with the links to Mayor John Dickert

ethics 2

Stories that Our Mayor John Dickert would not like you to read, perhaps if we did know we may ask questions on other issues he may like to keep in the dark, like Porters or Belle City TV?

Funny thing is that the even if the City can keep me out of the Media area the City can’t keep me from gathering information and writing stories, nor can they stop me from writing E-Books  on the larger corruption issues of Racine.

This Policy if it’s burdens to do or looks pointed only at me/Members of the 7. I guess it will be lawyer time,.

Right now just a campaign of public embarrassment   on yet another silly plan.

Who knows maybe 4-58 and other TV will come back to Racine WI where Freedom of the Press maybe under attack.



Oh one more thing


3 Responses to Free Press under Attack in Racine?

  1. Why would one challenge a press pass? Why would one get behind closed doors to discuss land usage? Why is everything so secretive here in Racine WI. Cui bono

    • I think its all part of a plan to shut down anyone who tries to speak out or inform the Public of happenings in Racine WI.
      We first saw this on CAR 25 and now that I have a Press Pass and a outlet for my writing, I and others must be shut down.

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    It just annoys those in local government when Independent minded people write the truth and not what they are told.

    Good Luck!

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