Does Evil walks the streets of Racine?

As much as I do not think many wake up and ask “What harm can I do today to the City of Racine”

I do think we have a few that wake up and think “How can I loot the City to keep my pals happy?”

First among them I and others feel is Mayor John Dickert’

John Dickert

After all his Pals vote his way, look away from what I and others see as corrupt activities (CAR 25), and cause The City to be looked on with scorn. (Mound Cemetery)

And serve on Boards to deflect oversight

ethics 2

kmr m or mr sleepy

Ethics anyone?

You do what you have to do to keep pals loyal, play to their dreams, have them feel important

Example, more then one onlooker at City Council told me that

200_Jim_12Feb08  loved hearing the Words “Mr. President”   out of the mouth

of The God

imageslm  Mayor John Dickert  Oops my bad


Drat One more time

John Dickert

Perhaps to some with not going on as they wait for a Disney World to be built in Racine they can believe that old days of glory are coming back to Racine and soon!

Others may believe that they are good pals they will get City jobs like City Attorney, after all we all have a price

Mine would be imagesbp88

Thing is if your buying your pals 1) You got to meet the price 2) Will they be still paid when they hear the the words “FBI open the Door”  or will they not only open the door but hand them documents  kept for such a day.

Going back to my first point, IMHO Mayor Dickert does think he is not only the leader of the city, but the City owes him for what his kin did in the pas,t and he is aiming to get it not only for himself but his pals.

Even some of his pals may think they are doing God’s will and therefore its O.K. for them to work with the Mayor on his scams for since they are in their own mind doing God’s Will anything they may do because it has God’s OK is just dandy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is your streetlight still up?

Will you be going to Mexico this Winter?

Does evil walk the Streets?

One Response to Does Evil walks the streets of Racine?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    “How can I loot the City to keep my pals happy?”

    Mayor Dickert’s answer is to closely control the Common Council and ensure there is NO accountability for any organizations receiving taxpayer money while packing the Ethics Board with cronies to quash any complaints.

    Let’s see how another Community is responding to another non-performing organization that receives taxpayer funding.

    Colorado Springs City Council wants more say in how the two organizations charged with bringing in tourists and jobs spend their money.

    Council this week approved a multi-million city budget and a billion Colorado Springs Utilities budget but is holding back funds from the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance until it gets more details on those organizations’ plans to spend the cash.

    “We keep doling out money to organizations and we don’t make them accountable,” said Councilwoman Helen Collins.


    Yeah, yeah, we know. RCEDC, Real Racine and the Racine Tourist and Convention Bureaus all claim how much value they add to the Community – but they produce their own facts – does anyone believe those numbers are reliable????

    LOOK – If those services truly were valuable – they wouldn’t be taxpayer funded. PERIOD.

    Evil doesn’t walk the streets of Racine looting taxpayers – it is ensconced at Racine City Hall.

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